Mermaid Tail 

This crocheted mermaid tail for babies, is adorable. There are many variations on this idea, but the baby cocoon is just so sweet. It's not just cute, it's also easy to make.


Seeing a baby cuddled up in one of these, screams... "GET THE CAMERA." It makes me think, any baby wearing this, should be in an Anne Geddes photo shoot. Sorry, unfortunately, I couldn't find a spare baby for this picture!

This is a cute little baby cocoon, but it can easily go from a cocoon, to tail, to a blanket. Just adjust the amount of rows, to change the length. Make it longer and it can grow with baby!  Make it larger around and longer yet, for older kids. Once you have completed one, you will want to make more. You can be a mermaid tail making, machine!

I used red heart soft essentials, jungle stripe. The greens and blues, seem like the perfect mermaid colors.

Beginners, prepare to amaze yourself! This isn't going to be as complicated, as you may think! 

The most helpful way to learn to crochet, is from a good video. Don't forget the pause button... your best friend, while viewing. The two part video, shows each step. I liked the shape of this one. It is one of the best of many free, crocheted mermaid tail tutorials, I reviewed. WHEEW! That's almost a tongue twister!


Change this up a bit, and it's possible to turn it into a mermaid tail, hat! Something's fishy here.... I think it's a MERMAN! Imagine the trouble I had, netting this one. It was quite the challenge!!

Mermaid Tail or Tale?

There are legends of mermaid sightings, from all over the world. Did you know the legend, possibly came from sightings of a sea creature, that didn't resemble a beautiful woman, at all?


It is thought, the actual creature, may have been a manatee. I'm not sure how the face of a manatee, could look like a female. There must have been too much liquor, in those sailors aboard those ships!


Manatees are kinda cute, in a weird sorta way, but actually resemble an over weight, middle aged man. This mosaic manatee, at Blue Spring State park in Florida, is fancied up. It's getting closer to mermaid status.

Through the ages, mermaids, have received an incredible makeover, thanks to some great imagination. Disney, came up with the Little Mermaid movie, and they really became popular.

I still think the cutest sighting of all, is an adorable baby, wearing a crocheted mermaid tail.

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