Making Halloween Props

Making Halloween Props doesn't have to be expensive. Paper Mache is the way! It is the most versatile, inexpensive way to build an amazing display.


This scary skeleton pirate stands at least eight feet high. His body is made from sticks and twigs. The head is Paper mache. This one was done over a store bought skull and then cut off and pieced back together. Easy! If you don't want to build your own form, this technique works well. You can also build multiple skulls that will be the same size and shape.

Oh, do you see the parrot perched on the stick arm of this scary creature? That's made from Paper mache too!



I started making Halloween props quite a few years ago. Every year, the collection grows. Different themes emerge. Some projects are even revamped, to adapt to these ever changing themes.

The medieval castle was one of my favorite and also one of my most ambitious projects. The list of things that needed to be done was huge.


The red dragon was originally a camel from the Egyptian themed party, the year before. His name is Clyde. I bet you didn't think a camel could be turned into a dragon, did you? It is possible! The tutorial on how to wrestle a camel, unfortunately hasn't been done, just yet. You will have to use your imagination.

My favorite dragon making artist is Dan Reeder from Gourmet Paper Mache. His work is fantastic. This is the best, go to site for paper mache but especially for how to make dragons.


You may have noticed that this page isn't following my usual format. Usually, I write up a very detailed tutorial on how to make the craft projects, I show. Coming up with ideas, writing and documenting them, is time consuming work. It also takes away from the time we creative types could be creating.


Since some of these were not my idea, the tutorials haven't been provided. This is out of respect for the artist, I got the ideas from. Both of these scary pumpkin creatures and the green dragon were done by following very good tutorials from Stolloween. This guy has a lot of really great ideas for making Halloween Props. Actually, I think he is the king! He has some incredible creations. You can check them out there.

Choose your level of scary. It can be kid friendly and not too scary or terrifying enough to send everyone running down the driveway, screaming. If they run away screaming, at least you can save the candy for yourself!

Hopefully these ideas have provided you with some inspiration. Get out the newspaper and stir up your brew... I mean paste and start gooping something together. It's the most fun you will have all year.

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