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My name is Lori. I live with my husband Dan, near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We have two grown kids, Candi and Tom.

I have always enjoyed making crafts. It is a great stress reliever.

I am very camera shy. Sometimes, when I am busy doing a craft, someone can sneak in a picture of me.

When I was young, most of the crafts I made were from odds and ends around the house. Toilet paper rolls turned into Santa ornaments, magazines into log cabins, and toothpicks into miniature villages. It seemed like I was always trying to dream up something to make, even when there weren't supplies around. This included going out in the backyard and digging up clay. I made little bowls and dried them in the sun.

In about Grade two, I took an after school Christmas craft class. One of the craft projects I made was an angel.

I still have it, 40+ years later. (That little hint is quite enough to date me back to dinosaur days). I can't believe I am that old!! Time flies when you are making crafts.

Every Christmas the angel goes back on the tree. When I put it on, I always have to tell the story of where it came from, to anyone that will listen. I'm sure they are sick of hearing it. Sometimes, the tree doesn't get decorated until Christmas eve. I wait, to make sure SOMEONE is going to be around to hear my story!

Hand made items help to preserve memories of family, friends and traditions. Possessions are not important to me, but making something and having a memory tied to it, is. This includes items I have recieved that others have made, not just what I have done.

I've always really liked paper mache. As far as I was concerned, flour was for crafting, not for cooking, and it still is. No wonder my husband gets stuck doing so much of the cooking. I guess he figures it is better than eating paper mache goop soup and mud pies.

When I was around twelve, I made a clown costume for a halloween party. I used paper mache for the head and the boots. There was a hole in the mouth, so I could see out.

It was tricky to get out the door, and impossible to get into a vehicle. Not exactly a very practical costume.

Many years later, the family decided we should start making Christmas gifts. This is where giving my crafts as gifts began. I apologize to my family for having to endure this!

I made this soft sculpture Granny, sitting in a clothespin rocking chair. She is kind of silly looking!

After having kids, it got harder to find time to make craft projects, but I still did do a few things, here and there. Sometimes, we would make things together.

When the kids went off to school, someone asked me what I was going to do with all my spare time. The only thing I could think was "What spare time?" I could always find something to do and never understood how anyone could get bored.

Now with an empty nest, I still have lots to keep me occupied. I have a house full of craft supplies and enough plans to keep me busy forever.


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