Magazine Roll Paper Craft

This magazine roll paper craft can be used to make doll chairs and other furniture. Use a magazine with colorful pages, and you won't even have to paint your project.

These are instructions for making a doll chair.

Age: 10+

Difficulty rating: Medium

Time scale: 3 out of 5


  • Magazine
  • White glue
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


Magazine Roll Paper Craft Instructions

Rip out the page from a magazine, and roll around a pencil. After it is rolled halfway, put some white glue across the page. Continue rolling. At the end of the page, glue again.

Use small pieces of masking tape on the ends and the middle of the roll. Leave one edge of the tape up, so it is easy to remove after the glue is dry. Shake the pencil out, or push it out, with a wire. When the glue has dried, remove the masking tape.

You will need to roll several pages up. For this magazine roll paper craft, make about twenty. Cut nine pieces, nine inches long. Glue them together, side by side, but only up four inches.

When this is dry, bend the magazine rolls up, at the four inch mark. This will be the seat and back of the chair. Now glue the back together. You will want it to lean back slightly, when the chair is finished. The seat will be four inches deep and the back will be about five inches high.


Cut four pieces, three and a half inches long, for the legs. Glue to the under side of the seat. Put them in a half an inch from the sides of the bottom of the seat.


Glue on four cross support pieces, four inches long. The front and the back ones will be down about an inch from the bottom of the seat. The side ones, atttached to the underside of those, where they meet.


Cut two pieces, two and a quarter inches long. Glue these, so they come up from the front cross pieces. These will support the arms of the chair.


Put a four inch roll across the back of the seat, where the seat meets the legs. Now, put another one at the front, underneath the seat.

Put a five inch long piece across the back of the chair, at the same height as the front arm supports. Make sure it is longer, than the seat back is wide. This will be what you hook the chair arms to, at the back.


Cut two pieces, five inches long for the arms. These will be what keeps the back of the seat in the position you want it. Make sure the back of the chair is leaning back. Glue to the front pieces, and also to the roll that goes across the back of the chair

This magazine roll paper craft can be left the color it is, or painted with craft paint.

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