How to Make Paper Flowers

How to Make Paper Flowers that are 3D, using your Cricut® machine.

If you've had a cricut machine for a while and have used it a lot, you are probably already aware of the amazing things you can create. On the other hand, you could be feeling overwhelmed, like I was. What can be made with this complicated looking machine, that's easy, but still looks great?

Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • Medium blue construction paper
  • scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun/ glue sticks or white glue
  • Cricut® machine
  • Accents cricut cartridge

I really wanted one of these machines but then when I got it, I didn't know where to even begin! Occasionally, I do scrapbooking and have used it for lettering and simple shapes, but I wanted to do more. When asked to do some decorating for a family reunion, I finally had the opportunity. It didn't start out that way.....

These flowers were made to resemble bachelor buttons for a German Themed family reunion.  I tried different versions of flowers using painted cardboard. They were cut out with an exacto knife. I needed a lot and this was proving to be way too time consuming. The cricut machine saved the day.

If you don't have a cricut, you can still make paper flowers, using the same layering technique. First, you will have to draw out a pattern and then use it to trace onto paper and cut out with scissors. Tedious, but doable, if you are determined enough. The Cricut® makes it SO much easier!

How to Make Paper Flowers

Get ready! This is how to make paper flowers the easy way.

Place the Accents cartridge and keypad in the Cricut® machine.

Turn on the power.


Place a piece of medium blue construction paper on the sticky cricut cutting mat.

Rub the construction paper to stick it down.

Hold paper at front of rollers on the machine.

Press the Load button.


Select correct paper size.

Select medium pressure.

Choose the #5 picture from the keypad.

Put shift key to solid.

Turn the sizing wheel to 7 inches.

Start with one at a time, to make sure it is cutting okay. The larger pieces will use up most of the sheet of paper, anyways.


Remove paper from machine and replace with a new sheet.

Now, using the same picture, change to 6 3/4 inches for the size WITHOUT the shift key.


Replace paper again.

With shift key on:

Select #10 picture from keypad

Choose 3 inches for size.


Now do a 2 inch using the same picture selection


Select 1 1-2 inch


Now 1 inch


Select the #8 picture and cut a 3\4 inch and a 1/2 inch. (The tiny center pieces.)

These should all fit on one piece of paper. Push the arrow button, if necessary to adjust where to begin cutting, to fit the pieces.

Remove excess paper from around all paper cutouts.


Now, here's how to make paper flowers with a little extra oomph... Add some poof to them. Poof paper? Sure, just Try it!

Gently fold up the spiky, pointed parts of the flowers. These will be the ones that were cut with the shift key OFF.

Curve them slightly.


Use scissors to cut out a 3 inch cardboard circle.

Hot Glue to the center, back of the 6 3/4 inch cut out.

Flip over.

Now for the 3 inch circle:

Pull up the pointed pieces and curve around, by wrapping over your finger.

Glue the 3 inch piece to the front of the 6 3/4 inch cutout.

Glue the center piece of construction paper onto the cardboard, if it happened to pop out. (Like this one did.)

Glue the #10 picture on top, starting with the 3 inch size. 

Work your way from largest to smallest, all the way down to the 1 inch.

Turn each one slightly as you work from larger to smaller. The points on the flowers should go in between the space of the one below. (Not directly lined up on top, but with the petals staggered.)

Do the same with the 3/4 and 1/2 inch, tiny #8 center pieces.

Bend the paper up to shape.

Remove those pesky hot glue strings that might have decided to hang around.

It was a relief to finally figure out how to make paper flowers that looked like bachelor buttons. Now, I could make lots and get them done in time for the party.

There were going to be some, hanging from the ceiling and others glued on a banner. The ones for the ceiling can be glued back to back so there is no front or back side.

Now you know how to make paper flowers using a Cricut® machine. Use your creations for more than just scrapbooking!

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