How to Make a Wreath

How to make a wreath with a twist. This one is not the typical round shape. It's heart twig art, for in the garden.

Age: Adult


Difficulty: Medium


Time scale: 2 out of 5

How to make a heart-shaped-wreath



  • 2 willow or dogwood with multiple branches 6 ft long 1/2 inch in diameter
  • 6 small diameter branches 4-6ft long
  • Small finishing nails
  • Hammer
  • Large and small pruners
  • Medium gauge wire
  • Twine
  • Pliers

There is always room in the garden for a willow heart wreath. Attach it to a wall outside or incorporate it into a trellis.

Trimmed branches are like a special treasure to me. There are so many projects that can be made! Spring time pruning can produce a huge supply. So many branches, so little time.

This is how to make a wreath the quick and easy way, without a bunch of fancy tools.

In a real pinch, you can actually get by with just some finishing nails and hammer. The wire and twine do make this a bit easier.

How to Make a Wreath in a Heart Shape

Using a set of large pruners, cut 2 willow or dogwood branches that are about 6 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter.

Now cut 6 branches that are 1/4 inch in diameter or less to  4 - 6 feet in length.


Wind the smaller upper branches around each other on each of the two 6 ft long,  ½ inch diameter branches.


Bend gently to form a curve in each one.

Lay the branches side by side, facing the top ends towards you. I could be tripping over my tongue again and speaking in another language. Describing these steps so they make sense, can be difficult. Sheesh! Hopefully the pictures provide the translation on how to make a wreath.


Wrap twine around the branches and tie together at about 8 inches and 12 inches up from the bottom. This is actually the small ends of the branches, so technically it is the top, not the bottom. Make sense? Of course it does!

Hold the bottom of the branches and bend the top around to form more of a half circle on both. You should have already added a slight bend earlier but it will need more of a curve now. Bend carefully to avoid snapping the branches.


While bending the branches around, I held the middle with my knees. You need to show the branches who is boss… Carefully. Scream at them and they will scream back with a SNAP,  as they break! This is a sound that you really don't want to hear!


Crisscross the bottom of the branches. Nail in place with a finishing nail. Make sure the nail doesn't go through the other side or you are going to have it stuck to the deck! I guess that wouldn't be as bad as if you are doing this in the kitchen and it sticks through the middle of the kitchen floor into the brand new lino. Oops. Have I ever done such a thing? NAH... NEVER.


Now use 4 of the smaller branches to weave, one at a time, around the main branches. Start from the center and work your way around to the ends.


The center top branches should come down long enough, to weave into the bottom of the main criss crossed pieces.

Flip over and weave another branch, on each side.


Cut the extra length off the big branches, just down from where they cross over each other. Leave the small branches that overlap, intact.

Cut a 6 inch piece of wire and wrap around the small branches, to help hold in place, if necessary.


If you have twisted the pieces together properly, this should be mostly held together, without more nails or wire.

Make a loop in an 8 inch piece of wire and twist on to the center back of the willow heart wreath.

Now you know how to make a wreath, in a heart shape. Where will you hang yours? Mine is on the gazebo and a clematis is heading right for it. I think they are going to be great friends.

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