Hot Water Bottle Cover

Make a snowman mini hot water bottle cover with these easy instructions. If you have a sewing machine, it will make the project go faster. If you don't, you can still do this in a reasonable amount of time, by hand stitching.

Age: 12+

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



  • 4 inch square of orange felt
  • 3 inch square of red felt
  • 10 x 6.5 inch rectangle of dark brown felt
  • 4 X 3 inch piece of heavy black felt
  • 12 x 1 inch piece of red flannel
  • one 8 x 13 inch piece of white fleece
  • one 8 x 12 inch piece of white fleece
  • about a baseball sized piece of fiber fill
  • 6 inch long piece of white velcro 1 inch wide with adhesive
  • 4 small black buttons
  • 3 one inch black buttons
  • Thread in white, orange, black, brown
  • Black embroidery thread
  • sewing needle
  • Embroidery needle
  • sewing machine (if you don't have a sewing machine you can do this by hand)
  • 250 cc hot water bottle (this is a small one about 9 x 6 inches)

Hot Water Bottle Cover Instructions

To make this mini hot water bottle cover, print out the four pieces to the snowman pattern. Tape the front pattern piece A and B together on the blue line where it says "line up pattern here." This will make the front about an inch and three quarters longer than the back pattern piece. Cut out on the black lines and pin on to the white fleece. Cut out these pieces.

If you would like to make a standard size hot water bottle cover, trace around the larger bottle and add an extra inch and a quarter to the pattern all the way around. Make the other pattern pieces a bit larger too.

Fold the brown felt in half lengthwise and pin on the pattern for the arm. Cut out, repin pattern and cut out another one so there will be four pieces. (two sets)

Cut the heart shape from the red felt.

Double up the orange piece of felt and cut out the triangle shape for the nose.

Cut two circles out of the heavy black felt, about the size of a loonie (or silver dollar). (sorry I missed this on the pattern). Sew a gather stitch with needle and black thread around the back side of both circles. It should be about an eighth of an inch in from the edge. Pull to gather it up into a ball. Sew and knot it on the back side to hold it's shape. This will be for the eyes of the snowman. It puffs the eyes up a bit to give them some dimension. I wanted to have those "two eyes made out of coal" to look more coal like. They looked better than having two flat circles just sewed on. If you don't have heavy black felt you can use the regular felt and add a bit of fiber fill, before you pull the gather stitch completely closed.

Sew a blanket stitch across the bottom of the front and back snowman pieces. Now pin the front and back pieces of material with right sides together. Sew around the edges with a slightly smaller than quarter inch seam. This is marked in green. Leave open where marked on the sides of the pattern for the arms. Leave the bottom open. Clip at the corners. This is marked in red on the pattern.

Sew the arm pieces, right sides together using a very small seam allowance. This is marked in green on the pattern. Leave the bottom open. Turn inside right and stuff with a small amount of fiber fill.

With the body of the snowman still inside out, put the arms inside and stick only the ends of the arms out slightly, through the openings that were left in the sides. Pin this in place and sew over, in line with the seam that was already made, when you sewed the snowman pieces together.


Turn right side out.

Now fold over and sew the sides on the front piece so the edges line up with the sides of the back piece. It will have to fold over the same amount as the width of the seam allowance. This is marked in light purple on the pattern.


Sew orange felt triangles together with right sides together. Turn right side out and stuff with the fiberfill.
Hand sew the nose and the eyes on in the postion marked on the pattern.

Use four small buttons and sew on for the mouth.

Sew on three larger buttons down the front of the snowman.

Sew the red felt heart on, using black embroidery thread.

Tie a 1 x 12 inch piece of red flannel loosely around the neck of the snowman hot water bottle cover.

Measure and cut the correct width of velcro for the bottom opening of the hot water bottle cover. Attach the velcro on to the bottom, right side of the front of the snowman. To get the correct position for the opposing piece of velcro, leave the two pieces of velcro hooked together. Now fold the piece over to the back and tuck it up inside. When you have it laying smooth and in the correct postion, remove the tape from the other side of the velcro and stick it to the back inside of the hot water bottle cover. It should line up fairly close to the bottom edge of the back.

Now just fill and snuggle up and stay warm!

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