Horse Sculpture

This horse sculpture named Maytag Matilda is an amazing piece of art made from junk.


While traveling around Arizona, I was so pleased to have stumbled upon this at Fountain Park, 12925 N Saguaro Boulevard in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It is located near the parking lot, on the front side of the mall. Don't miss it!!

There was no marker to identify who the artist was, so I decided to do some research. It was easy to find out, since this artist is obviously, pretty well known. The extremely talented artist/welder that built this masterpiece is Dixie Jewett.

I am glad I did some research on this.  Now I have discovered there is a horse sculpture made by the same artist and it is almost in my backyard. Well, not quite, but a mere 100 miles away, in Calgary. Quite a lot closer to home. This piece will have to be on my list of things to go and see. I'm glad I didn't miss the one in Fountain Hills. Although I'm sure all her work is fantastic, there is probably nothing that can quite compare to this one.

I would love to have one of these in my backyard. Unfortunately it isn't in the budget. It is not surprising that these creations are expensive. Just gathering all the materials would be quite a challenge. Fabrication welding is not an easy task, plus this kind of talent is extremely rare. This would take months of back breaking work to complete.

Maytag Matilda is made from old antique pieces and odds and ends, that most people would consider junk. How could anyone call this junk? It really looks like a lot of treasures to me.  What a great way to upcycle, repurpose and preserve these old relics.


Shiny chrome and old rusty pieces go together perfectly. All the bells and whistles. Well, I did see bells, so there must be whistles in there somewhere too!


Utensils, toasters, a grinder, a sewing machine, barbed wire, chains, car parts, keys, pots, pans, hinges and tools. There is even a baby carriage and an old washing machine. The washing machine inside the belly of the horse must be a Maytag, hence the name Maytag Matilda.  The most amazing thing of all, is the fact that this horse sculpture is perfectly proportioned.


What a great work of art to inspect. Look from all angles, make a few trips around it because everytime you do, you will see something you never noticed before.

You can see more art by Dixie Jewett at

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