Homemade Christmas Ornament

This homemade Christmas ornament from cinnamon sticks, is so fast, I call it the 60 second craft. That might be a slight exaggeration, since it might take that long to warm up the glue gun. So... not including glue gun warm up time, this star is really fast to whip up.


Age: 12 +

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 1 out of 5


  • 10 Cinnamon sticks
  • glue gun/sticks
  • scissors
  • clear nylon thread
  • 5 - 1/4 inch bells
  • snow tex
  • skewer stick

Sometimes, when I make craft projects, they aren't very difficult but they can end up requiring a lot of blah, blah, blah, to explain the process. It leaves me wondering if it makes any sense at all. It is hard to come up with descriptions that are understandable, so I also provide photos to document the process. Preparing tutorials can be a long drawn out procedure! There are also days where getting things to come together proves to be too much. This was a break from all that. Easy and fun and not too hard to try to explain.

Homemade Christmas Ornament How To

Okay, so I said that this description for how to make this homemade Christmas ornament was going to be easy. Now, let's see....
Start warming up the glue gun. Remember, this is only going to take 60 seconds. After the glue gun has warmed up, you can set the timer
on your phone, stove or watch. Use whatever method you prefer. Oh, never mind that.

Remove 10 cinnamon sticks of the same size from the package. You will have to check them because they can vary.

With scissors cut about a 1/4 inch off 2 of them. Put these in a V shape and hot glue together, where they meet on the one end.

Now, glue the other ones into the same V shape.


Use the shorter V shaped piece for the top point on the star. Glue it to the side of the other V shape, on the wide end.


Work your way clockwise, until you have all the pieces connected. If you are left handed you may prefer to go counterclockwise. Go ahead, it doesn't matter. I was just trying to make sense of things, again.

Glue a bell to the top point of the star. Attach with the end that has the hole, up. (The hole that the string goes through.)


Add bells to the ends of all the other points, but put the end down, on these bells. Okay, is this a little fuzzy? Are you saying "what is she talking about!?"
Time for another photo? 


Cut a piece of heavy nylon thread about 10 inches long and run it through the bell, on the top point of the star. Tie the ends together so you have a loop, for a hanger.

Now you can use a skewer stick to scoop some snow tex out of the container. Use it to cover all the intersecting spots on the star, to hide any glue.

Add a little extra down the sides of the cinnamon sticks.


Your 60 seconds might be up now but it probably doesn't really matter. It is kind of fun to goop that fake snow on. You may want to spend a little more time on that. It makes this homemade Christmas ornament look really festive, don't you think?

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