Homemade Christmas Decoration

This homemade Christmas decoration was made using the instructions from the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of the Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine


The idea is from the artist Doreen Kassel. Her creations from polymer clay are amazing and often, very whimsical. 


Homemade Christmas Decoration

Even though this homemade Christmas decoration, should be a fairly simple project, there were some snags along the way. It seems like that is the way things are lately. Nothing is ever easy, even when a craft project shouldn't be that complicated. 

The clear glass balls from the craft store are so whimpy. It seems you can look at them wrong and they will break. I was nearly finished covering one with the base layer of polymer clay and I poked my thumb right through it! Blah!


The plan was to make two Christmas ornaments. Just two for now, since that is all time would permit, or so I thought.

The next snag was the paint. The instructions call for using oil paints, a Doreen Kassel trade secret. The oil paints really do make a nice finish that you just don't seem to get with acrylic craft paint. I was pleased with the result, but I waited and waited and waited and the paint was not drying. Double blah! No time for this! Christmas is almost here!


Yes, I did actually put on some gloves! I was trying REALLY hard not to make a mess. This was the difficult part, since I am always a huge mess maker!

This very simple, homemade Christmas decoration is getting more complicated. Now, I have to make two more, since it appears the oil paint may still be wet, next year at this time.

I decided to use colored clay for the holly leaves, so I wouldn't have to paint them. Now, I am in a bit of a panic, so I'm trying to think of ways to speed things up a bit. Instead of oil paint, I used acrylic paint and extender, so the paint wouldn't dry too fast. (But would dry.) I had the extender left over from another project. Float medium or gel would have worked, instead.


After getting two homemade Christmas decorations completed, I decide I must have time to make more. I was on a roll now, finally! It really was great fun, after working out the bugs.

If you happen to pick up the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and decide to make a homemade Christmas decoration, here are a few extra tips, to make this project even easier....

If you are using oil paint, check it on a scrap piece of baked clay, to see if it dries okay. My paint is old, maybe that is the problem. I'm not sure, but I am going to stick them in the toaster oven to try speeding up the drying process. There must be a solution to this problem and waiting isn't it. Waiting, is not a solution to most problems, as far as I am concerned.

If you decide to use acrylic paint, make sure to use an extender or float medium. It is an absolute must.

Don't push too hard on the glass ornament. How hard is too hard? Not very! They break, very easy!

Use a soft polymer clay, so you don't have to push too hard, when smoothing it. 

Be prepared to spend a bit more time layering different colours, if you use acrylic, instead of oil paint.

How many of these Christmas ornaments have I made now? ELEVEN! All for gifts, except the two that are still drying. I hope the recipients like them.

I thought there wasn't enough time left before Christmas to get done, but there was. The Christmas tree isn't up yet and some other craft projects are on hold. (I always have plans to make way more than I actually have time for. It happens every year.) Oh well, this homemade Christmas decoration is way more fun to make! All that other stuff can wait.

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