Holiday Decor Ideas

Looking for Holiday Decor Ideas? Inspiration might be just outside your own door. Trees in your yard can be pruned and the branches used to fill empty planters and containers.

Age: Most ages, even younger kids can help

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 1 out of 5



  • scraps of Styrofoam packing for filler
  • potting soil
  • floral oasis
  • skewer sticks
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • gloves
  • large and small pair of pruners
  • twigs and branches dogwood, mountain ash, willow or birch
  • spruce boughs
  • cedar boughs
  • 2 large pine cones
  • small decoration (I used a little gingerbread man)
  • berry sprig
  • wired or mesh ribbon
  • 2 gold colored fake poinsettias
  • milk can or other container
  • flat black spray paint
  • white glue
  • spray snow
  • Epson salts
  • large iridescent glitter snow
  • small paint brush
  • plastic container
  • large piece of cardboard
  • cereal box board

Holiday Decor Ideas

Use an antique milk container, an old wash tub or even a planter. Fill it to the brim with evergreen boughs and a few branches. This doesn't have to be just for Christmas. Holiday décor ideas can be adapted to the season and for the occasion. Replace certain items in the arrangement to suit the time of year.

This milk can works especially well for a country themed Christmas display and is one of my favorite holiday decor ideas.

Paint the milk can with flat black spray paint. Let dry. If you prefer a more rustic look, you can forget about painting it.  

Fill the can about 3/4's full with scraps of Styrofoam packing.

Add potting soil to about 3 inches below the rim of the can.

Push a rectangle shaped floral foam oasis part way down inside the rim, so it sits firmly in place. Leave it sticking up above the rim by about an inch or so. Yes, you can fit a rectangle shape into a round hole. Just cram it in. Well, maybe cram isn't the best word to use here. You do have to be careful not to break the foam into pieces.


Many holiday decor ideas can come from having a look at what already surrounds us. Start by trimming branches and boughs from trees, using pruners. Make sure to wear gloves. The branches are very pokey and hard on the hands.

I have a really good pair of Fiskar heavy duty loppers with extendable handles. They work really well. I can just about chomp down a whole tree with these!

Cut off some of the pieces that stick out the sides, on the main branch of the evergreen boughs. Use spruce, pine, cedar or whatever you have on hand. Put them into the foam oasis so they go out sideways at an angle, from the milk can.

Before you put the branches in, you may want to add a little sparkle to them. This is a little messy but glittery fun. Holiday decor ideas should always include some glitter, especially at Christmas time.  

Put a large piece of cardboard down on your work surface.

Cut the front out of a cereal box. Curious yet?

Mix up some iridescent snow glitter half and half with Epson salts, in a plastic container. Mixing the glitter with Epson salts will make it so the glitter doesn't get used up quite so quick. It is surprising how fast this stuff disappears, especially if you are a maniac like me. It ends up everywhere! It even managed to get in the hot tub.

For those of you that love glitter, did you know that there is a place in Cottonwood, Arizona named the Art Institute Glitter? It is quite the place.

Okay, back to the instructions. Put a branch down on the large piece of cardboard.

Paint a thick layer of white glue on the branch, using a small paint brush.

Sprinkle the snow glitter/Epson salt mixture on the branch. There is probably going to be quite a pile of this all over the place, after you do the sprinkling. I did more dumping and piling it on than delicate sprinkling. I wanted LOTS of sparkle.

This is where that piece of cereal box board comes in. Hold the piece of cardboard up on edge and use it to scrape the escaping glitter into a pile. Turn the branch over, pick up the glitter you managed to salvage and do the other side.

Do two more branches for a total of three. Let dry.

These can now be pushed into the foam, near the center of the arrangement, sticking straight up.

Make a bow from wired or mesh ribbon and hot glue a skewer stick to the back center. Add this to one side of the arrangement.

Hot glue skewer sticks to the bottom of two pine cones. Place these near the center.

Hook an ornament like a gingerbread man or some other cute Christmas decoration to one of the branches.  

Add two gold colored poinsettias near the front left side and a pick with a bunch of red berries, just over to the right of this.

Now get out the spray snow. Give a bit of a spritz here and there on the branches to give this Christmas arrangement a wintery look. This is so much more fun than spraying it on windows. The spraying on windows part is fun too but the cleaning it off windows is NOT. Spray snow on the windows was one of those holiday decor ideas from when I was a kid. That tradition isn't one that has been continued on here. I had almost forgotten about it.  

Have any left over evergreen boughs and branches? You can use them to make a Christmas door decoration.

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