Hawaii Costume

In a flap to get a Hawaii costume made and it's not your fault, you are in a hurry to get this done?

Do you have someone in the family that waits until the very last minute and THEN suddenly decides, yeah, maybe they will dress up for that party..... TOMORROW?

Well, Quick....let's get it done! 

Transform your husband for the Hawaiian days party. Don't forget to add a flower lei, a black wig and some coral pink lipstick. AWWW, how adorable.


Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5


  • Green vinyl rectangle tablecloth. (In party supply isle at Walmart for .97 cents)
  • Green duct tape
  • Tinfoil
  • Masking tape
  • Brown yarn 6-8 feet
  • Darning needle
  • Brown paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Small rounded desert bowl or plastic minute rice container

Every year, In Mesa, Arizona the Springhaven RV park has a themed party. This year was Hawaiian. There was a parade, with each street decorating a float. There were games throughout the day, a supper and a dance. Oh, and how could I forget the Hawaiian queen contest. 

Here is a Hawaii costume for that special hula girl. She/He will be the belle of the ball. It is fast, cheap and easy (the outfit, not the hula girl.) Just whip this up, even at the last minute.

Hawaii Costume How to:


Let's start with how to make a coconut shell top. No Hawaii costume is complete, without this!

Slightly crumple an 18x12 inch piece of tinfoil. Fold and curve the edges under, so you have a rounded shape about 4 inches across.

Place a small desert bowl or plastic minute rice container, upside down and place the tinfoil on top.

Curve the edges down, to hollow the inside of the tinfoil, slightly. Add more layers of tinfoil to thicken. Always crumple the tinfoil slightly and then partially smooth it out. You will use less tinfoil this way and it will bulk faster. Really, it will.


Once the tinfoil is thick enough to hold its shape well, it needs to be covered with about 3 layers of masking tape. This will help firm the coconut shells up, even more.

If they are still too squishy, add more layers of masking tape. Smooth the edges of the tape down well.

Add two layers of brown paint and the lines in between the pieces of masking tape will practically disappear!


Don't worry about painting the inside; they won't show. No self respecting hula girl, would show off the inside of her coconuts. AHEM!

Let dry.

Poke holes about 1/2 inch in from the edge, with a darning needle or the end of a sharp pair of scissors.

You will need 3 holes. Two, on opposite sides of each other and one at the top edge.


Have your, soon to be hula girl, hold them up in the proper position, to determine the distance, between each one.

Cut a piece of yarn this measurement, plus 4 inches. Check to also determine the length for the strings around the neck and the distance for the two strings that tie in the back. Add at least 4 inches to each string to make them easier to tie.

Run the strings through each hole, from front to back, using a darning needle.

Tie a double knot on the backside and secure with masking tape.


Now, the skirt for the Hawaii costume...

Unfold the green plastic tablecloth and refold the narrow sides in half. (The width). Now fold the other direction, in half.

Use scissors to cut strips vertically, about 1 inch wide.

Stop about 4 or 5 inches from the top of the tablecloth.

Unfold the length, leaving the width doubled over.


There are two choices for how to finish this off...
The first way is the quickest and easiest, but will probably end up being for one time use. It gets a bit wrecked trying to remove it, later.

Wrap the tablecloth around the  hula girl subject (when they are getting all dolled up for the party.)

Where the skirt overlaps, tape the inside to the outside layer with a small piece of green duct tape. This should be where the overlap begins and ends to keep the underneath layer from slipping.

Wrap the tape around the top of the skirt, starting at the back and ending at the back. Be careful not to get it too tight and don't tape on any skin!

The second method is easier to remove,  without damage; so the Hawaii costume, can live to see another day....

After cutting the tablecloth, unfold once. Wrap the long side (the length) around the sucker, I mean the person dressing up, to check the necessary diameter. Use a pen to mark the beginning of the overlap and the end.

Remove, place on a table or floor. Fold over, leaving about three inches extra, from the outer mark.

Cut a piece of green duct tape this same length.

Place sticky side up and stick the top edge of the tablecloth to it.

Now, take another piece of duct tape, the same length and place sticky side down, over top. This creates a waistband for the skirt.

Now, when the hula skirt is put on, it will only need a small piece of duct tape to secure. This can be removed later without damaging the tablecloth. I mean, the lovely hula skirt.

Well, that's a wrap. Cheap and easy, as promised. The Hawaii costume is complete and ready for the Hawaiian Party. 

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