Halloween Party Decorations

If you are looking for ideas on making home made, inexpensive halloween party decorations you will find them right here.

I usually pick a theme and then plan what to make around that. For a pirate themed party, how about a pirate pinata?

Bats and spiders

Age: All

Difficulty rating: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5

I didn't have black pipe cleaners so I made an all American spider.


  • Supplies:

  • styrofoam balls various sizes (the dollar store ones)
  • black craft paint
  • skewer sticks
  • stick pins with red beaded ends
  • black craft foam
  • black pipe cleaners
  • fishing line
  • Make bats to hang from the ceiling. I decorated my bathroom with these bats and called it the "batroom".
  • Use two different sized stryofoam balls. The smaller one for the head. Paint them black and hook two together with a piece of skewer stick that has been glued.

    Make slits on each side of the body part. Cut out bat wings from black craft foam cutting a bit narrower tabs to slip into the slits. Glue in place. Don't use hot glue because it will melt the foam.


    Use stick pins with the red beaded ends for the eyes. Attach fishing line to the bat. Make lots and hang these all over the house.

    You can make quick and easy spiders using this same idea. You could use a two inch ball for the body and one inch for the head. You can even try some other sizes to see what you like best.

    Instead of putting wings on these, use black pipe cleaners and make eight legs. Cut the pipe cleaners in thirds and you should have the right length. (Unless you are making a big spider) Glue and poke them in to the styrofoam balls and bend. Now you have a spider.

    More Halloween Party Decorations

    A spider sack to go with your spider halloween party decorations.

    Age: All

    Please substitute use of glue gun for white glue for younger children

    Difficulty rating: Easy

    Time scale: 1 out of 5



    • plastic milk jug
    • white spider webbing (from dollar store)
    • 3 feet of string
    • Glue gun

    To make a creepy crawly spider nest to go with your other halloween party decorations, poke a hole in the lid of a milk jug. Put a string through the hole and tie a knot. Now glue the string so it doesn't pull through the hole. Put the lid on the milk jug.

    Now take your spider webbing and wrap around the milk jug and glue it . Taper it up at the top. Now glue spiders on the outside of it. That's it!

    Here are some halloween party decorations I made for an Egyptian themed party.

    These are canopic jars.

    Age: 8+

    Difficulty rating: Easy

    Time scale: 3 out of 5



    • Protein powder plastic container
    • brown tissue paper
    • white glue
    • bread dough clay
    • Tin foil
    • craft paint

    These were used to put the organs of the mummies in. No, I didn't put any organs in this halloween party decoration. My canopic jars were empty.


    There are actually four different heads that you can do. Choose one or make all four of these halloween party decorations. There is the head of a jackal, a man, baboon and a hawk.

    This is such a fun craft project to do that I made two and my daughter made two of these.

    I used the kids bread dough recipe for this halloween party decoration. You can use the clay of your choice as long as it is air dry. This would include not only home made clay recipes but also daas clay or celluclay.

    Use tin foil to build out the basic head shape for on the top of your plastic container lid. Hot glue in place. Now cover this with your air dry clay to build out the face. Make sure to build out the bulk of the head with the foil so you don't have to put the clay on too thick. No more than half an inch. If it is too thick it won't dry properly. Now let this dry.

    Water down some white glue and put on the outside of the container.
    Now crumple up the tissue paper then straighten it back out and put it on the container. Use a paint brush to get it to stick. The wrinkles in it are fine, that is what you want. Apply three layers of tissue paper.

    When this is dry, paint the head of the canopic jar.

    These are fun halloween party decorations to make. This can be revised to fit any theme you choose.

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