Halloween Meals

Looking for Halloween meals to spook up your party? Here are some ideas, to get you going. Just the right amount of ick factor, to add some creepy fun to the evening.


This watermelon carved into a brain is my favorite table centerpiece. It was a shame to cut into it.


Add name tags to each dish with a short description. If you are doing a specific theme, make sure it fits.  I could do a whole eyeball theme for my Halloween meals.


Eyeball punch can be made by freezing a grape, kiwi, pineapple ring and red shoelace candy, into a small bowl. Eyeballs can also be made using large marshmallows and a maraschino cherry, with a chocolate chip in the center.


Radishes partially peeled with the center scooped out and an olive inside can be put in an eyeball salad.

Meatballs with a slice of cheese stick and an olive on top, can also be used to make an eyeball. Who knew eyeballs could be such fun?


This cute little pumpkin is a cheese ball. It's delicious with crackers or vegetable sticks.

Oh look, more eyeballs. These ones are made with deviled eggs and olives.


Make witch fingers by cutting boneless chicken breast into strips. Cover with bread crumbs. Slice red or green pepper into small triangles and put on the ends, for fingernails.  


Halloween meals can sometimes be a little challenging. There are lots of ideas for snacks but not as many for the main course. It becomes even more difficult when there is a specific theme involved. One year the theme for our party was Egyptian. This mummy suited the theme perfectly. It was made with frozen bread dough. The inside was filled with pepperoni and lots of cheese. Yummy!  


These creepy fingers and foot, fit most creepy party themes. This has brought up the gore factor. The weak stomach might want to pass on this. We wouldn't want anything else brought up. This B.Y.O.B. party could possibly stand for "Bring your own Barf Pail." Technically, I guess that would make it B.Y.O.B.P.


This meat loaf foot has cashew toenails. That red stuff is only ketchup. Okay, so this is a bit creepy too. There has to be a bit of gore, doesn't there? If you are having a little kids party you may want to skip this one. They may never want to have meatloaf again! Oops, sorry.


Deer droppings? EWWWW! Who picked this up out of the yard? This was the year of anything goes. Another year, for the medieval/castle theme, these were made into large round balls and became dragon droppings. I think I will leave you guessing on what these are made out of. They are really delicious! REALLY. Have you figured out the ingredients?

The pirate theme was the most fun. Lots of ideas for this! How about little potato pirate ships? Bake potatoes, scoop out centers. Mash together with helluva good dip. Put back in potato skins. Add shredded cheese. Cook under broiler, until melted. Print skull and crossbones onto white paper. Cut paper into rectangle shapes for sails. Poke sails through with toothpicks and stick into the potatoes.


These wieners are sliced lengthwise to about an inch down from the top. When they are boiled, the sliced pieces curl up and the wieners magically turn into octopus. Is more than one called ocotopi or is it octopuses? Actually, it's octopuses.


Halloween meals are never complete without the extra goodies! This undersea display also went along with the pirate theme. There are shells, fish and seahorses, made from chocolate. There are two different types of coral. One from chocolate and the other from sugar. I guess no one realized this was to eat because no one touched it during the party.

Okay, so I feel bad not telling you how to make those yummy, delicious looking deer droppings. To make up for it, I WILL tell you how I made the coral.


The coral can be made using melted sugar or isomalt. Add color to the sugar with a small amount of food coloring.

If you are using sugar, add about 1/4 cup of water to 11/2 cups of sugar in a pot. Heat on the stove. Boil to the hard crack stage. Put ice cubes and crushed ice on a large cookie sheet. Pour the melted sugar or isomalt over top of the ice. The ice melts and makes interesting shapes that resemble coral.

You can also make chocolate coral. The chocolate coral is much easier and safer to make. You melt the chocolate in the microwave and pour it over the ice.


Halloween meals are even better when there are lots of desserts. This idea came from a really great book called "Gorgeous and Gruesome Cakes for Children" by Debbie Brown. The pirate was made from cake and covered with fondant. It could use some improvement, but it was my first attempt! Unless you are a cake decorator, this is one that needs a bit of practice, to get just right. 


AND...Last but not least, is this delicious kitty litter cake. Oh, I am so glad I don't own a cat. I wouldn't have been able to choke this one down, delicious or otherwise.

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