Halloween Facade

Here is how to build a halloween facade, using recycled materials like carpet tubes and lumber wrap.

We do one on the front of our garage using carpet tubes and lumber wrap. Every year the carpet store gives us free carpet tubes. The lumber wrap is donated by the hardware store. Paint is bought at the second hand store or from the oops bin at the hardware store.

The garage has been transformed into a cave, a haunted house and a castle.


Age: Adult

Difficulty: Medium

Time rating: 5+ out of 5


  • Scrap lumber 2x4's and 4x4's
  • Carpet tubes
  • black lumber wrap
  • stapler/staples
  • 2.5 and 3 inch robertson screws
  • Drill with robertson screwdriver head
  • scissors
  • Saw
  • Gray paint
  • burlap
  • small paint brushes
  • sea sponge
  • heat gun
  • stepladder

Building the Halloween Facade

These are instructions for the basic structure of the halloween facade, on the front of the garage. I will try to include how to make the skull later, when I have a chance. It was done using a cardboard form, paper mache and spray foam.

Cover the fascia and soffits by cutting out two strips of lumber wrap about 4 feet wide and the length from peak to the end of soffits.

Slip lumber wrap under the drip edge on the fascia on the front of the garage. Wrap it down under the soffits. Later, when the carpet tubes are installed this will hold the lumber wrap in place.

Hook 4x4's together, end to end by screwing a 2x4 flat on top from one to the other. Use a drill with a robertson screwdriver head in it. Doing this by hand will be way too much work and you will end up with blisters!

The 4x4's will be lying on the ground, across the entire width of the garage, with a space for a doorway about three feet wide. (if you need an entrance into the garage).

Cut 2x4's about 18 inches long. stand up and screw into a 4x4 using 3 inch screws. Attach a 2x4 every two feet or so.

The carpet tubes, which come in twelve foot lengths will need to be cut at an angle to fit under the eves of the garage.

Subtract the height of the 4x4 because they will sit on this.

Slip the carpet tube over the 2x4's that are attached to the 4x4's. Screw the carpet tube to the 2x4 to hold in place.


Over the door of our garage there is a wooden 2x8. Strips are cut from lumber wrap, doubled up and wrapped around the carpet tubes. The strips are then stapled to this wooden piece. This keeps the carpet tube from tipping over sideways. Since not many people probably have this option, you will have to figure out a way to secure the carpet tubes to keep them from tipping either out or sideways.

This may be a bit of a challenge I realize because not everyone has a garage they are willing to screw or staple into. However, make sure it is secure and the carpet tubes are somehow attached to the garage. I don't want any disasters over this and won't accept responsiblity for any.

This may sound like it could be a bit of a hazard but it is not, if done properly. It is really well put together and safe. It MUST be secured to the garage though. All the structures we have done have withstood major winds and even snowstorms. The only injuries that have ever been sustained from this undertaking have been from falling off the ladder after halloween, taking things apart. Ouch!! Please, don't fall off your ladder.

When all the carpet tubes are put up, all the way across the front of the garage, black lumber wrap is stapled on to them. For a cave, which was the easiest halloween facade, the lumber wrap is crumpled and stapled to the carpet tubes. Use a heat gun to shrink and melt the lumber wrap to crumple it even more. This will help make it look more rock like. Be careful not to burn holes.

Cover the entrance of the door with old burlap cut in strips. If you aren't planning on having the inside of the garage decorated, just put the lumberwrap across the entire front of garage and paint on a faux entryway.

Paint on lines with gray paint. Use a sea sponge to add texture to give a rocky appearance to the lumber wrap.

Add green spot lights so they shine on the front of the halloween facade, so it shows up in the dark.

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