Halloween Craft Ideas

Lots of Halloween craft ideas, including instructions for building props, decorations and entire house facades.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The best part of making halloween craft projects is that I feel I don't have to be too picky. This makes it way less stressful and a lot more fun too. If you are making something that will be an outdoor prop it is going to be in the dark, so, what does it matter? It doesn't have to be perfect.


Lots of the crafts I make, are given as gifts, but the homemade Halloween decorations, I do for myself. That is another reason I don't have to worry so much about it. Well, I must admit, I tend to get a little carried away, trying to build 20 things at once.

Click here to see my halloween party decorations.

Some halloween crafts can get put together quite quickly which is actually a really good thing because my to do list is usually really long. I use a lot of recycled materials for my projects.

Looking for ideas on homemade halloween decorations? Try a sign, using free styrofoam packing.

Using recycled materials allows me to have a large display without spending a lot of money. Some things are designed for one time use and others are used year after year.

My halloween craft ideas have expanded a lot over time. I started out making milk jug skeletons and doing pumpkin carving. Each year, I now like to do a different theme. For a pirate themed halloween party one of the things I made was a pirate pinata.

The homemade halloween decorations have been supersized, and entire facades have been built on to the front of the garage. They are built with recycled materials and considering the scale of these displays, are quite inexpensive.

The first of many of the large projects was a pirate ship. Since then I have created a 16 foot high pyramid, a castle, chromadepth haunted house and a cave with 3D chromadepth pictures.


The main building materials I have used to make these large Halloween craft projects, happens to be lumber wrap and carpet tubes. Both of these are free. Originally, I was going to use black plastic to make walls for my displays, but plastic is expensive. I stumbled upon the lumber wrap idea quite by accident, while wandering around the lumber store.

More Halloween Craft Ideas

Make these Cheap Halloween Props.

Start with a dollar store plastic skull and easily turn it into multiple, glowing, crystal skulls.


Would you like to make this dog pirate costume? 

This won first place in a contest at PetSmart®

These are basic instructions that you can adapt, to fit your dog.


Egyptian theme extreme. Make this huge pyramid with recycled lumber wrap.

This is one of the most memorable displays ever.

Giant pyramid from recycled lumber wrap

Try this faux fireplace for your halloween display.

This is an easy and inexpensive recycle project to make, using cereal boxes.



 Make this Giant Skull for your display. 

This is made using cardboard and paper mache. Great building materials for making those Halloween props.


Here you will find instructions on how to make this halloween facade using lumber wrap and carpet tubes.


This Halloween idea has a new twist to it. Build a pirate ship for cheap, using recycled materials. Once you get going, you won't want to stop!


Add some creepy, yummy fun to your party, with these ideas for creating Halloween meals.

Who can do without dragon droppings for the medieval themed party? I hear they are an ancient delicacy. They are a favorite at our house.


Making Halloween Props doesn't have to be expensive.

Try these ideas that are cheap to make but will look better than store bought decorations.


Make this easy mermaid sculpture with packing tape and a willing model to wrap up.

Add a bit of fluorescent paint and a black light for a glowing display.

This is for Adults ONLY!!


A different monster craft idea. 

This creepy character makes an ordinary scarecrow shake in his straw boots. Is this what happens when a scarecrow takes steroids?

Year after year in rain or shine, this monstrous menace will provide the trick or treaters with a bit of a scare.

Find out how to make him! 


This mummy candy holder is made from a paper towel tube.

Made to go with an Egyptian themed party, it was buried in the sand and the kids had to search for it.


This paper mache pumpkin uses plastic bags for the form.

Make it any size you want. Small ones can be used in a grouping, for a fall centerpiece.


Need a creepy way to display those jello shooters? 

Make a paper mache skull to hold them. It's easy when you use a plastic store bought skull as a mold. 


Are you a last minute Halloweenie? Try this....

Great Halloween Puppy Costume to make in a flash! 


Still looking for Halloween craft ideas? Are you a procrastinator who thinks there is still time to make something for Halloween? There is!

These Skeleton bones are ready in 5 minutes. Make a bunch, fast.

easy skeleton bones

Here is a spider craft that is inexpensive to make. It is paper mache. Don't just make one. Make a whole bunch!

Yikes, it's an invasion. These spiders are taking over my whole living room!


Do you have limited craft supplies? Are you on a tight budget? In a hurry? Looking for Halloween craft ideas that fit all those requirements?

Create these Spooky Hands for Halloween. They are cheap and easy to make.

You probably have all the supplies required, in your house right now. Tinfoil from the kitchen, wire from the coat closet and masking tape in the junk drawer. All set!

spooky hands


Here is an easier, safer version of pumpkin carving. No sharp knife required. Make a Styrofoam pumpkin.


Make this witches cauldron with bright, bubbly green brew, cooking over a fire. These glowing orange hot coals look so real, you won't want to touch them. They may be HOT!!

These colors will really pop, even in the dark.


One of the halloween craft ideas that is my favorite is Paper mache. It has been used to make many homemade halloween decorations. I have made pumpkins, pinatas, spiders, dragons and a camel.

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