Granny Square Blanket

This is not your ordinary, Granny Square Blanket, crochet project. (No offense, Granny.) These beautiful, colorful sunflowers, will brighten up your living space.  

I know how frustrating it can be, searching for the free pattern. To prevent the wild goose chase, mad hunt, just scroll to the bottom of the page, for the highlighted links.

First, you may want to read about my trials and tribulations (or not), to help prevent unnecessary difficulties, when you make your own, granny square blanket. 


This crocheted sunflower throw, is a craft project, that will push you out of your beginner comfort zone. If you are interested in going beyond beginner, try this.

Easy projects, like scarves and hats are great to start with, but at some point, it will be time to challenge yourself, just a bit. I wouldn't rate this as Easy, but it isn't as hard, as it looks!

The most difficult part of crocheting, is learning how to read the pattern. The great thing about this crocheted granny square blanket, is a video to help, if you get stuck.

Counting is important, really important. Count as you go, to save time. If your mind wanders, like mine tends to, you may have to lock yourself in a quiet room, to avoid interruptions.


 About the Granny Square Blanket

The colors I used are different from the pattern. 

Inside of flower:

Red Heart Comfort:

Coffee brown

Bright Yellow

Outer edge of Flower:

Red Heart:

Frost Green

Joining pieces:

Café Latte

Outer edge of Granny Square Blanket:

Red Heart:

Aran Fleck


This is a bunch of granny squares, made separately and then crocheted together. The pattern calls for 48, but this makes a fairly small blanket. My squares were a lot smaller, than what they are suppose to be, but I crochet fairly tight stitches.

I didn't worry about gauge, since it's a blanket, not an article of clothing. I wanted it larger, so I made extra rows around the outer edge. I wish I would have done this to begin with, but like many of the craft projects I make, there is more to the story.... 

Originally, my idea was to add an extra piece, around each granny square, to enlarge the size, instead of making more squares. This turned into a gong show. I added two extra rows, which made it really hard to try to hook the squares together. The corners were too rounded. Eventually, after many wasted hours, I ripped out the extra rows and decide to stick with the pattern instructions for the granny square blanket. (Well, sort of). Imagine that, follow the instructions! The easiest way to make the blanket larger is to just make more squares. 

So, another piece of advice for beginners.... follow the pattern. Don't venture out on your own, just yet!


Finishing the granny square blanket, was a relief! It's nice to know, even with crochet, pushing yourself can help move you beyond beginner. Don't overcomplicate things like I did, though! I do realize, I made this much harder on myself than it needed to be. 

This sunflower granny square blanket, was made for a wedding gift. Sunflowers and sunshine, just seem to go together. This is a special message to wish the new couple, many sunny, happy years together.

Sunflower pattern here!

Video for sunflower throw.

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