Garden Plant Markers

Make easy, inexpensive Garden Plant Markers that are durable enough to withstand the weather. 

Every gardener can relate to planting the garden and thinking "Oh, I will remember what I put in this row".... and then promptly forgetting. The experienced gardener will eventually find out, when the plants grow. This requires a lot of waiting. The inexperienced gardener may have to wait even longer, before it becomes clear. (If at all!) It's also nice to know where the row is suppose to be, so you can get a jump on those weeds. They always seem to pop up first and the sooner you get rid of them, the better. 

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty:  Easy

Time scale: 1 out of 5



  • Recycled  2 inch plastic blind slats
  • Black Felt garden marker (waterproof)
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

The old fashioned way of marking the rows in the garden, is a stick shoved into the dirt, through the empty seed package. You can guarantee, this method NEVER lasts through the growing season. If the package doesn't blow away, it gets tattered and torn from the wind and the rain. (Then it blows away!)

Small markers can be made from plastic yogurt containers. They work well for marking the plants in the plastic seed trays. The garden, needs something quite a bit larger, so they don't get lost in the dirt.

Many fancy looking markers, can be handmade, but that requires TIME. Lots of us don't have much of that these days! There are plans to make a nice set of garden plant markers for myself, someday. Like lots of other plans, I just haven't got to it yet. In the meantime, these do the job. 

If you hardly have a minute to spare, these reusable garden plant markers are the perfect solution. These are so quick and easy; make them as you plant the garden.

How to Make Garden Plant Markers

Not much explanation is required to make these garden plant markers.

Use the slats from a 2 inch wide PVC window blind. If you buy blinds that are too long, the extra slats can be removed and reused.
Cut a plastic slat to approximately 8.5 Inches long.


Use a pencil to put a small mark in the center of the width, at the bottom. This can be called point "A".

Put another mark up 3 inches on the outer edge of the slat, one on each side. These can be marks "B" and "C".

Place a ruler on the center mark "A" at the bottom and angle out to mark "B" on the outer edge. Draw a line from point "A" to point "B". Now do the other side, point "A" to point "C".

Use a sturdy pair of scissors to cut along each line. You will now have a perfectly even point. It probably doesn't matter if it is perfectly even or not, since this end is getting poked in the dirt. It is good info to know for other projects, where a perfectly even point is required.

Write the name of the vegetable you are planting, using a black felt called a garden marker. This felt pen is fade and water resistant. The ink will not fade quickly or run. It won't even walk away. It really stays put! 


Poke the garden marker in the dirt. Done! 

At last, a cheap and simple solution for marking your rows.

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