Garden Junk

Do you have a collection of garden junk or a yard filled with treasures? Does something have to have meaning to you to justify keeping it? I prefer to have garden junk around for sentimental reasons. Spoken like a true hoarder, I know. Memories connected to objects that have some personal history, mean more to me than just stuff.


Yes, the little red wagon looks cute with flowers planted in it but that little red wagon use to have my kids playing in it, long before the flowers took their place.

It is much better to have it out being useful, rather than stuck in the shed, where it would be out of sight, out of mind.


Plant a purse with flowers and hang it in a tree. I used a paint pen to write a message on this black purse. To anyone else it seems like an odd saying. "It's right here Mom". What? There is a story to it and there are also treasures that were put in the purse, before the flowers were planted in it. No one knows what they are, unless I care to tell them.


Oh, and those old work boots, planted with flowers, are becoming quite popular too. These ones are special. They were the first work boots our son ever had. To me they signify a lot, that no one else would probably understand. Worn and tattered, way before their time, but still useful.


This suitcase belonged to my parents. It reminds me of our travels. I wasn't sure I should put it outside but it is probably happy to have flowers in it.

I had to put chicken wire over the plants though, to keep the cats out. They seem to think it is a litter box!


The tree stump was originally suppose to be firewood. It has been around so long, it mostly hollowed itself out. I guess it didn't want to be firewood. Now, it makes an interesting planter and with almost no effort.

There is also a camping coffee pot that now is a planter for flowers. When I look at it, I remember the motorcycle trip to Nevada with Mom and Dad. We slept in tents and used the pot over an open campfire.

Long ago, people made do and repurposed things out of necessity. Now, it just seems to be the trendy thing to do. Rusty old objects are turned into pieces of art. Unusual items can be used as planters. Add flowers to just about anything and it will look good.

Recycle, upcycle and repurpose objects into interesting and amusing yard art. Look around to see what you can find. Give it some thought, before you decide to throw it away.

Most of my garden junk is a trip down memory lane. 

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