Garden Crafts

Turn your yard into a wonderland with these garden crafts. Homemade décor and repurposed junk to provide delightful discoveries around every corner.

Decorating the garden should be more than adding some flowers and store bought lawn ornaments. It is such a special place to spend time, especially when sentimental items are used to add interest to your yard.

Outside there is a huge canvas that is unique. Use it to reflect your personality and display items that are special to you and your family.

Use recycled objects, interesting containers, and even kids toys that they have long since outgrown.

There are endless possibilities. Garden junk can become special decorated treasures.



Creating tiny little fairy furniture  is fun, not only for kids but adults too.

Don't forget to make a fairy house, so the fairies have a place to live.


The best garden crafts are the ones that not only look great  but can also provide the materials, right from your own yard.

This twig ball is one of those ideas. It is inexpensive to make and can be displayed in a variety of ways.


This garden angel will be the guardian of your residence. She is happy to sit amongst the flowers, being the protector of the landscape. 

This is made from items that have all been found in nature.


Wonder what you planted in that row in the garden? 

Make these easy Garden Plant Markers with recycled window blinds.

Mystery solved, wonder no more!


Painted sticks will brighten up the yard even on gloomy days. They provide color when the flowers aren't in bloom.

Paint on stripes, dots and squiggles in different colors to add some whimsy outside.

Make a bunch and really brighten the place up.


This wire bunny will make a great addition to your outdoor decor.

The best part is, he won't eat your vegetables! What a well behaved bunny rabbit.

Use the same technique to create other animals too.


Want a one of a kind entrance into your yard? How about building this twig garden gate?

Collect your supplies by pruning some trees. No trees in your yard? Ask a neighbor. I'm sure they would like some help with their yard work in exchange from some branches.


Many garden crafts can actually be made from objects that are collected on your own property. You probably already have a lot of the craft supplies, right there and you have never given it much thought.

These ideas will keep expenses down and still allow you to decorate your yard!

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