Friendship Bracelet

Directions for making an easy friendship bracelet using embroidery thread and a safety pin.

This is a fun and easy, take anywhere craft project.

After years of crafting I never had learned how to do this, until recently. I finally know how, thanks to my Great niece, Samantha.

Age: 8 and up
Difficulty: Easy
Time scale: 2 out of 5


  • embroidery thread 4 different colors
  • safety pin


Friendship Bracelet Directions

To make the pattern like the red and white one pictured above, cut 4 pieces of embroidery thread about 2 feet long. The colors for this one were red, white, burgundy and white. Use whatever colors you would like.

Tie them together at one end with a knot. Hook a safety pin through the knot and pin to your pant leg, at the knee. This will hold the strings in place as you knot them.

Separate the strings and spread them apart, towards you.

Put them in the order you want the colors to go down the bracelet.


Put the left hand string over the next string and then under and up through, to knot it. Pull this up to the top and tighten. Tie two knots and then with the lead string that you started with, tie two knots on the next string over from that.

Do the same for the next string again, but always use the same lead string that you started with, to wrap around and knot.

Once all four strings are complete, go back to the left and begin with the next string as the lead string. Do the same all the way across, remembering to always keep that same string as the lead.

Continue until you have the length that you want. Measure around your wrist to see if it is long enough. Tie on to your wrist with a double knot and cut off excess string.

If you would like to make a wider bracelet you can use eight strings instead of four.

To make the multi-colored friendship bracelet pictured above, start with four strings of different colors, but knot the one string around all the remaining strings. Tie about 10-12 knots and then go to a different string and do the same.

You can make a pattern of one color a certain length, another color of a different length and repeat whatever pattern you make. When you have the length you want, tie on to your wrist and cut off the excess string.

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