Free Craft Project

This Free craft project has instructions on how to make a pretty heart garland. It can be used for Valentines day or for decorating at an Anniversary party.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 3 out of 5 (will vary depending on how many hearts you make)

Supplies for this Free Craft Project:

  • Large sheet of Heavy cardboard
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • White glue
  • Hot glue gun/ glue sticks low temp Works best
  • Lace material in 2 different patterns and shades of white ( can use repurposed lace curtains)
  • 1 meter flowered pink lace (or your choice)
  • 1-2 meters of 1 inch wide ruffled lace (2 different kinds)
  • 1 meter of burlap material
  • ½ meter off white Muslin fabric
  • Off white heavy thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Medium sized paint brush
  • single Hole punch
  • Plastic container
  • Antique white craft paint
  • jute string
  • paper
  • Pencil

Free Craft Project

Here is a no sew, burlap and lace heart garland that makes a great valentines gift for your sweetheart. Short on time? Just make one heart, instead of a whole string of them.  

Cut costs with this free craft project idea, by using landscape grade burlap and lace purchased from second hand stores.

Trace the heart template shape on to a sheet of white paper. Make it about 6 1/2 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches long.

Cut it out and use it as a pattern.

Trace on to a piece of heavy cardboard.

Make at least seven. Do more, for a longer garland. Make sure to use an odd number, so the garland will end with same pattern it begins with. The pattern will alternate between a lace background and burlap.

Cut the heart shapes out from the cardboard.

Cut holes in the sides of the hearts, a little less than halfway down, using a hole punch.

Base coat both sides of four of the cardboard cutouts with antique white craft paint.

Let dry.


This free craft project has two different finishing techniques for the hearts. One is painted cardboard with lace; the other a decoupaged burlap, with lace on top.

Cut out the burlap, large enough to overlap about an inch, on to the back of the cardboard heart.

Hot glue the burlap in place.  Watch your fingers! Using a low temperature glue gun, works best for this. Get the burlap smooth around the curved edges by cutting vertical slits, folding over and slightly overlapping the material on the back. 

Make three burlap covered hearts.

Mix a small amount of water with white glue in a plastic container. Use a paintbrush to apply to the burlap.


After the glue has dried, start adding lace, overlapping on to the back and hot gluing in place. Use a large piece at first and then add the narrow ruffled pieces of lace. Don't cover the burlap completely.

Add burlap to the back, after you have added all the lace to the front. Cover the burlap with the white glue mixture and let dry. 


Cut 3/4 inch strips of muslin and make nine flowers.

Add three muslin flowers to each burlap heart. Hot glue in place.

Use the hole punch to cut through the material, where the holes in the cardboard were made earlier.

Cut out pieces of lace material big enough to cover the other four cardboard hearts and overlap about an inch, on to the back.

Hot glue in place. I repurposed lace curtains. It was much cheaper than buying lace from the fabric store.

Add smaller pieces of a different shade of lace near the bottom of the heart. Attach with hot glue.

Cut the 1 inch wide strips of ruffled lace long enough to overlap to the back. Glue on diagonally.


Add lace here and there.  I tend to have a more uniform way of doing things. (NO, this is not preferable.) Some will prefer a more hodgepodge technique and have a knack for making it look good. I wish I had that ability. The more you can just go with the flow, the more successful you will be.

Cut 3/4 inch strips of burlap and sew into flowers about 2 inches across. Make eight flowers. Glue groups of two burlap flowers to each heart. You can make a smaller flower from muslin and add in the center and one off to the side, if you like. Just do what looks good to you.


When all the lace has been added to the front, cut pieces of lace material to cover the back but with no overlap.

Cut two pieces of jute about 15 inches long and six, 10 inches. Hook through the holes and tie. Use the two longer pieces, one for the first heart on one side and one for the last one, in the opposite hole. Tie a loop on the end of each. Hot glue the knot on the jute string, so it won't come undone.

Alternate the lace hearts with the burlap ones. Lace, burlap, Lace, burlap, lace.

Make the spacing between each heart more or less to adjust the total length of the heart garland.

Rip lace material into strips about 1 ½ inches wide. Cut to 5 inches long. Tie five to six pieces of lace on the jute string, between each heart.

I hope you have fun with this free craft project. Add lace and burlap how you like, to make this uniquely yours.

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