Free Craft Patterns

These Free craft patterns, will make your soap carving project, much easier. They will print, just the right size to fit nicely on a bar of Ivory soap. 

Print the page and then pick which picture, you want to carve. Cut it out and place it on the bar of soap. 

Which picture, will you choose? There is a cute little car named Herbie The Suds Bug (a play on words, for those that have seen, Herbie the Love Bug movie, from the 60's).  

The other free craft patterns page, has a fish, a Christmas tree, Inukshuk, Seashell, Man in the Moon, Heart shape and a totally terrific Turtle. 

Even if you don't want to try soap carving, you can enlarge and print out the pictures and use as coloring pages. 

Click on this Free Craft Patterns link to go to the template in Google Docs.  This will print in the correct size required, for the soap carving. 

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