Family Tree

Make this family tree for Mother's Day, a family reunion or another special occasion.

This is to display the pictures and names of family members. There is a picture on each leaf and a collage on the trunk, with various pictures of past memories.


Age 12+ This diy craft requires some organization, research, gathering pictures, cutting with exacto knife.

Difficulty rating: Medium

Time scale: 5 out of 5


  • paper
  • Computer/ printer
  • various family pictures
  • Foam board
  • Exacto knife
  • white glue
  • hot glue
  • Green construction paper
  • scissors
  • circle cutter (if you have one)
  • black felt pen

How to Make a Family Tree

First off, for this craft project you are going to need to figure out how many branches there are for your family tree. Start by drawing out your tree shape with pencil on to your foam board.

Plan out where everyone belongs on the tree. This can be a bit of a trick, especially trying to get the tree to look balanced. If there are more offspring for one family member you have to try to figure out a way to work this in. If not, you may end up having a big empty spot. You also need to make sure there is enough space in between the branches, for the leaves.

This is one of the craft ideas I came up with for my Mom's bithday party. It consisted of my parents, the kids, Grandkids and Great Grandkids. This is not difficult, but can be a time consuming craft project. It is worth the end result. It is a unique way to display family pictures.

My parents were on the trunk of the tree, behind a heart shape cut out. The rest of the trunk of the tree consisted of a collage of pictures of them from childhood, through the years.

Each branch of the family tree held the leaves that were the kids. Since there are four of us, I started with the oldest on the left and worked my way to the right. Those branches then branched out with leaves for the kids and then another branch, for their kids.

The tree was cut from foam board. The branch sections were drawn on,
cut out and then glued together with hot glue. Not too hot though or it will melt the foam board. The pictures were glued on with white glue.

When you put the pictures on, make sure to bend them over the side of the foam board to cover the edges. All the pictures for the trunk of the tree were printed in a Sepia color.

Trace leaves on to green construction paper and cut out. A colored picture was printed of each person and then cut out with a circle cutter and glued on to each leaf. The first name was written with a felt on to each leaf.

Now the leaves were glued on to the family tree in their proper spot. Pay attention to the direction your leaves will be pointed in when you glue the faces on so you don't end up with upside down pictures. There will also be a left and right depending on what side of the tree the picture goes on, so don't forget that.

The branches of the tree were originally going to be collaged all the way up with various pictures of the family that branch represented. I didn't get this completed because I was running out of time. Instead, I took a background from one of the pictures that looked tree like and printed on paper, also in the sepia color and glued that on to the remaining branches.

Gathering the pictures together and printing them up takes some time. I'm not that good at jigsaw puzzles so it took me a long time to collage the pictures on the trunk. Even though my difficulty rating was medium, this actually is a fairly easy craft idea. If you are good with jigsaw puzzles then you could probably do this up a lot quicker than I did.

I think this family tree is a great craft project for Mothers day, a family reunion, or anniversary. It is a nice trip down memory lane for the recipient.

This scrapbook site has free printable pages and other design ideas.

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