Fairy House

Make a little fairy house on a tree, with materials collected from outdoors.  Inexpensive to make because almost all the supplies are free!

Add bits and pieces here and there for a fun, on going project.

Age: 10+

Difficulty rating: Medium

Time Scale: 3 out of 5 Not including fiddle factor. Wondering what fiddle factor is? If you like to fiddle, time can increase.

If you want it to be a quick and fairly easy project, it can be that, no fiddling included.



  • Tree with knot hole
  • thick Bark
  • moss
  • spruce cone
  • small sticks
  • pruners
  • nails
  • hammer
  • exterior wood glue
  • small nails
  • saw

Easy Fairy House How To:

There is a willow tree in our yard with a knot hole in it, painted black with pruning paint. It looked to me like the perfect door for a fairy house. This was the start of the hunt around the yard for materials I could use to make the rest of the house.

With the pruners, cut a small branch from the willow tree and bend it around the outer edge of the knot hole. Use small nails and nail the branch in place.

I found some thick pieces of bark on some firewood we had collected, so I peeled that off, trimmed it to size (about 3 inches wide) with pruners, and made the peak of the house. Use wood glue to hook the pieces together and glue it to the tree. Put a nail into the tree a small amount, underneath this, to temporarily hold it up, until the glue has dried.

While making the fairy house, I was sure the fairies were trying to get in the house, even before it was completed. As it turns out, it was just mosquitoes harrassing me. Maybe part of the supply list should include mosquito spray?

Use a spruce cone, cut the end off with the pruners and glue it to the door for the door knob.

A balcony was added with another thick piece of bark. This was attached to the tree the same way as the peak of the fairy house. You can put a forked branch under the balcony, down to the ground to give it extra support.

A railing was attached to the balcony by using very small branches. Measure the length you need, making an opening at the very front. Split the branches in half lengthwise for the rails and glue to the top and bottom cross pieces. When these are dry, glue to the balcony.

Measure the distance from the ground up to the balcony and make a ladder this length. The ladder is also very small branches, split lengthwise. Cut pieces about an inch wide for the rungs of the ladder and glue to the side pieces. When this is dry, attach to the balcony, where the opening in the railing is.

Slice off two thin pieces from the end of a stick that is about one inch in diameter. Using the pruners cut one in half. Cut about a quarter off the other one. Shape into more of an oval shape now, by cutting the sides.
These pieces can be used to make a tiny little fairy chair, one for the back, one for the seat. Glue these together. Use very small pieces of branches for the legs. When dry, glue on to the balcony of the fairy house.

Cut a piece of moss into a one inch circle, for a door mat, placing this at the door.

Now this is where the fiddle factor, that I was talking about, comes in to play. This is a project that can be added to, here and there, if you want. Anything from nature can be used to add more details. Bark, sticks, nuts, seed pods and rocks all make good building materials. Once you start, ideas will just come to you and you may want to just keep building.

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