Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are fun and easy to make. Go for a nature walk, and gather a variety of materials, to make a house and furniture. Things that work well are sticks, bark, leaves, nuts and seed pods. Kids should use their imagination, to come up with their own ideas.

There are instructions for how to make fairy furniture. This includes chairs, a table, fence and an arbor.

Age: 8 and up

Fun for Adults too!

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 1 - on and on



  • wheel barrow or large planter
  • potting soil
  • small plants (Like lobelia)
  • low growing plants like creeping thyme
  • small glow in the dark rocks (dollar store)
  • small pebbles
  • small flat rocks
  • sand
  • tree stump
  • bark
  • moss
  • E-6000 glue or exterior grade wood glue
  • Fairy furniture

Use a wheelbarrow or any other large container. The fairies will be  moving into their new home, in no time. You can start with the basics and then add more, as you come up with your own ideas.

Judging from the amount of ideas cropping up on the internet, the fairy population must be exploding. There are pixie homes all over the place.

How to make Fairy Gardens

Fill a large container with potting soil. Pile the dirt higher towards the back, to make a bit of a hill. Pack the dirt down slightly, so it will stay.

Add a little house to the one side, near the back. You can either make the house or buy one from the store. You can get a little one from the dollar store, if you don't want to make it.

I made this from a hollowed out log and added bark for the roof.

Glue together with E-6000 glue or exterior wood glue.

Moss was added to the space in the peak of the house.


Make an indentation in the dirt, about 3 inches wide, for a path. Start it at the door of the house and go about 3/4's of the length of the container. Curve the path, partway along and then widen at the end. Firm the dirt down. Add two or three small flat rocks, to make a stairway from the house, down the hill. 

Add small pebbles, on edge, along both sides of the path.

Now, here is the part that makes this extra magical...a glow in the dark sidewalk!

Put glow in the dark pebbles along the inside of the path, in a staggered pattern. Make a small space between each one.


Add sand and brush off gently with your fingers, so the sand goes only into the spaces, between the rocks.

Now start adding your plants. Use low growing plants with small flowers, like lobelia and alyssum. Creeping plants like creeping thyme, phlox and sedums also will work well. You can use moss, if you plan on having your wheelbarrow in a shaded area. Don't overfill. Leave room for the plants to grow and fill in.

You can tailor this to the personality of the fairy you would like to attract.
She may prefer a jungle, rather than a cottage garden. If this is the case, you may want to use more plants, that are bit larger.

Add some fairy furniture, a fence and any other things your fairy might need, to make this a nice home.

Don't forget to water your fairy garden daily. Once the little pixies get moved in, they can probably take over that chore.

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