Fairy Furniture

Make your own fairy furniture, like a table and chairs, using bark and twigs. All natural supplies from the great outdoors.

Age: 10 and up (with some help)

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: Put in as much or as little time as you want


  • thick Bark
  • Twigs, tree branches and sticks
  • exterior wood glue
  • E-6000 glue
  • pruners
  • clippers
  • Saw.. Only if you want to make the table top from a slice of wood
  • scissors
  • sharp knife
  • pliers
  • light gauge wire

This magical project could almost turn into the never ending story. You can add items as you think of new things to make. Once you get started, you will come up some of your own ideas for fairy furniture. It is so much fun! So far, I have made a fence, garden arbor, table, chairs, bench and a watering can. 

There are different materials you can use, but I concentrated mostly on natural supplies, that can be collected outdoors. After all, that is what budget minded fairies have at their disposal. Fortunately for us, we can use pruners to cut our branches, instead of using a teeny tiny saw, or asking a carpenter ant for help, like they have to.

There was a show on T.V. a while ago where a Dad had made a fairy house out of metal, for his daughter. The little girl was so amazed at the house, she exclaimed "That fairy is sure a good welder!" It was so cute! I wonder what she will say when she sees the show and finds out her Dad built the house! (I guess he is a good welder too.) There is no welding required here!

How to Make Fairy Furniture

The pictures for building the fairy furniture are pretty self explanatory and don't really require much instruction. Most of these pieces can be cut using pruners. Use larger clippers for bigger branches.

A garden bench is made from thick bark. The seat is one piece. It didn't even need to be cut. Finding another piece like this, might be quite a feat. Do what you can and make the best of the materials that you collect. Each piece is unique.


The back of the bench is three separate pieces that are long enough to be used as the back part of the seat and also, as the back legs. The two front legs are made from a small branch. Glue the pieces together with E-6000 or exterior wood glue. Prop against something to help hold the pieces together, until the glue has dried.

The little table top is made from a slice of wood. Three legs are made from a branch and glued to the underside. It is helpful to have a saw, to cut a slice of wood for the table top. This is the only piece that required more than the clippers or pruners. If you don't have a saw, use a piece of thick bark instead.


Make More Fairy Furniture

The back and seat of these cute little chairs are made from thick bark.

The legs are small branches cut and glued on. It will be difficult to get the length of the legs correct because of the irregular shape of the bark. Cut the branches all the same length and after the glue has dried, trim them up so the chair sits nicely.  


Just be careful you don't cut one leg and discover a worse wobble than you started with! You don't want to cut one and go "oops, wrong one, too short!" Cut the other one... "oops, too short!" Cut the other one and pretty soon you've worked your way down, to the point of no return. Trust me, it can happen BUT never to me!

The fence is made by cutting branches that are about 1/4 inch thick into 1.25 inch lengths. Wrap wire around, about 1/4 inch down from the top. Twist the wire around the branch and go on to the next piece until you have the length you want. Now wrap another length of wire around each piece, this time about 1/4 inch up from the bottom.


Make the arbor by cutting four very thin branches to about 5 inches long. Lay two side by side about 2 inches apart. Cut several branches 2 inches long and glue across these, spacing about 1.5 inches apart. I put them diagonal but you can put them however you want. Do another one the same.

When the glue has dried, stand them up, about 4 inches apart, propping against something to hold them. Cut two branches 5 inches long and glue across the top. Cut more branches and place across these, spacing every inch or so.


My favorite little creation is the watering can. You will have to find a branch that is just right for this. The branch will need to be about 1/2 an inch across but have a small branch, going off the side. It will need to be at just the right angle, for the spout.


Cut the branch for the spout at an angle. Now use a knife to hollow out the inside of the middle of the can. (Kids will need help with this part.)

Use a knife to poke a small hole in the back, near the top and another one near the bottom. Bend a small, pliable twig into a "C" shape, for the handle. Glue the ends into the holes.

Can you think of more tiny creations a fairy might like?

Now that you have the fairy furniture made, you will probably want to make a fairy garden to put it in.  

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