Face in Hole

Get goofy and have some fun with this face in hole photo board. 

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Age: Adult 

Difficulty: Hard

Time scale: 5+ out of 5 


  • Large cardboard T.V. Box
  • Construction adhesive/caulking gun 
  • Hot glue gun/ glue sticks 
  • White glue 
  • Carpet tube 
  • clamps
  • Stencil with small flower/vine pattern 
  • White paper 
  • Printer 
  • Pencil
  • Fine and medium tip black felt pen
  • Eraser 
  • Ruler 
  • Square
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes variety of sizes 
  • Small Scruffy/stipple brush
  • Sea sponge 
  • Exacto knife 
  • Sharp knife 
  • saw 
  • Sandpaper: Medium and fine grit or Dremel with sanding drum (Dremel isn't necessary, but helpful if you have one) 
  • ¼ inch wide green ribbon
  • 8 pop can tabs
  • Yellow feather 
  • Water based paint:

         2-3 shades of green

         Light, medium, dark blue 

         Light, medium and dark Brown





         Light and dark Yellow 

         Flesh color 

You and your partner can stick your faces in this face in hole photo board and be magically transformed into a cute little, cartoony, German couple. Don't forget to have someone take a picture, so you can see how adorable you look. 

This can be used at a variety of parties; a Birthday, Family reunion, Anniversary or Octoberfest celebration. It's fun for all ages. 

Not of German origin? Change the outfit, to go with your own nationality. 

Face in Hole Photo Board How to:

To make the face in hole board, start with a really big piece of cardboard, like a large television box. Use the largest piece of cardboard you can find.

Cut apart, so there are still flaps, all the way around the edges. (At least 6 inch wide flaps, if you can.) The total length of the piece, I used is 82 inches high, including two, 7 inch flaps at the top and bottom. It was 48 inches wide, including both side flaps. (Actual width across front, not including flaps, 37 inches.) If you can get one that is bigger, that would be better.

This cardboard box was the biggest I could get, at the time. It is a bit short and narrow, so people have to crouch down a bit, to put their face in the hole. I guess that way, it encourages them to get pretty cozy, hiding back there! 

On the fold edge of the cardboard, bend the bottom under and sides in. Attach the sides to the bottom so they stay folded back. Fold the top all the way in and hot glue to the back side of the cardboard.


Cut a piece of carpet tube, so it fits on the bottom, inside the edge pieces. Glue down, using construction adhesive. Add  another piece of cardboard lengthwise, across the back of the carpet tube.

The face in hole photo board, should stand by itself, BUT… it will still have the tendency to tip forward. A tipsy board and tipsy guests, equals a tipsy face in hole board, which could spell disaster.

I wanted to fix this problem, without having to build a heavy complicated stand. This required some contemplation on my part. 

It was something that I returned later to deal with, after I had done most of the painting, on the face in hole board. 

I will give you the instructions now, even though the pictures aren't going to completely correspond. This just happens to be one of those times, when I am giving the instructions for an easier way of doing things. This is based on me doing it the hard way and figuring out, it wasn't the best way to do it. Story of my life! 


Cut a piece of cardboard 48 inches x 24 inches. 

The width after folding, should be the same measurement as the front of the main board. (In this case 37 inches across the front, not including the side flaps.) If you are using a larger   piece of cardboard for your face in hole, adjust your measurements, accordingly.  

Use an exacto knife and square to make a score line at 14 inches. (on the 24 inch width).

Cut the top edge, wavy. Leave the side pieces straight. The 10 inch width, will be the top, front.

Fold the cardboard under on the score line. 

Lean the cardboard in at the top, so it is sitting at about an 80 degree angle. Score the sides, matching this angle. Fold back.

Glue sides to the main board using construction adhesive.

Glue the straight edge to the underside of the main part.

Clamp where possible, until glue has dried.

Use construction adhesive to attach the wavy edge to the front of the photo board. 

This should now be fairly sturdy and hopefully, not too tippy.

Ugh... I know, the directions may sound a bit cumbersome. The photo, hopefully will help. I just wrestled with the cardboard, until it did what I wanted.

Now comes the fun part or the most annoying part; (depending how much you like to draw.) It's time for the German couple. Drawing the characters, was not really much fun for me. I really had to work at it. The good news is, the facial features don't have to be drawn because this part of the face in hole board is cut out! 

I found it easier to draw the picture on paper, scan it and then use a projector to enlarge it on to the cardboard.

Draw an oval for the face hole.

The female face in hole opening is 7.5 high x 5.5 inches wide. 

The hole for the male is slightly larger. 8 long x 6 inches wide. 

Actual average measurements for an adult head is: 6-7 inches long and 8-9 inches wide. Males have a head that is a bit larger than females.  

I wanted the face to fit in the hole, but not the entire head. I just thought it would look better, instead of having a lot of extra space, around the face in hole.

Don't forget to draw the couple holding beer steins. The man has one hand on his hip and the other holding the stein.

The lady is holding a pretzel in her right hand and the stein in her left. Remember, this will be opposite to your own right and left, because they are facing you. 

Start the head for the male about 3 inches down from the top of the cardboard. 

The head for her, about 8 inches down. 

Draw the figures in with a pencil, starting at the top and working your way down. If you want to use a template, it can be transferred using a projector or printed on grid paper and scaled up. 

Sketch the mountains in the background of the face in hole board.

Draw cobblestones in the foreground, under the characters feet and also on the front angled part of the stand.  

When all the drawing is complete, outline the characters with a fine tipped black felt pen.

The German characters had to be in proper costumes.

The lady wears a dirndl. This is a dress with a fancy top and an apron. There is a bow tied on the front of the apron. It sends a secret message. The message sent depends on where it is tied. (Her right side she is married, left side single.) 

Her hair is in braids. 

The man wears a short, overall type outfit called lederhosen. He also wears tall white socks and a hat with a feather in it. 


Start painting the face in hole photo board, beginning with the background first.

Paint the sky light blue. Add some white, fluffy clouds. 

Paint the mountains with a bit darker blue, adding in grey shading and white highlights. 

Work the mountains gradually lighter at the base, where they meet the ground, adding light green.

Add a bit darker green for grass, as you work your way into the foreground. 

Base coat the cobblestone with a light gray. Paint black lines in between each rock. 

Use a sea sponge to stipple each rock with medium and dark gray. Add a bit of brown and some black.


Go over some of the black lines in between the rocks with gray paint.


This is where my fiddling habits came in handy. The more I fiddled the better the rocks looked! 

Painting instructions for her: 

What should this little lady be named. How about Olga? 


I chose to paint the dirndl black with a white top and red apron. If you look at the picture, you will see that the top on the dress is vest like. It has an opening with ties down the front. The white blouse is underneath this. 

The design on the dress was stencilled on using a Martha Stewart stencil with a tiny vine design. 

Paint the arms, legs and face with flesh coloured paint. 

Her shoes are black. 


Paint the nails light pink on the lady and lighter flesh coloured with white, for the man. 

Her hair is yellow with braids. Shade with light brown. 

The pretzel is a light brown base with darker brown and yellow stippled on top. Add small white specks for the salt. 


The ties on the vest are real ribbon. It is ¼ inch wide, in dark green.

The hooks for the ties are made from the tiny circular piece from a pop can tab. These are hot glued in place.

The ribbon is crisscrossed and tied, after all the painting was completed. 

This happens to be my favorite part of the whole German costume!

Painting him:

We will call him Hans. He has been given strict instructions to keep his Hans off Olga. (Yes, I know you are just groaning right now!)


They will both hold their beer steins and behave themselves. 

The beer steins are painted dark blue for the main part. The family crest was printed, cut out and glued on.
The handle and trim are a sunflower yellow/brown paint mix.

Bubbles, coming out the top of the mug, are white with dark blue shading.

Black felt pen was used for an outline.

Use flesh coloured paint for the arms, legs and portion of face that won't be cut out. 


Medium green hat with a dark yellow band around hat 

After painting, glue a yellow feather on the hat. 

His hair is Light brown with dark yellow highlights  


Brown overall shorts

Light brown design on suspenders and front of pants. Use a small stencil or hand draw the design.

White shirt

White socks

Brown boots

After the paint has dried, use a fine tip black felt marker to outline Olga and Hans. This will make them stand out a bit from the background. 


Cut out the face openings, with a sharp knife.

Sand the edges with medium grit, then fine sandpaper. You can use a Dremel if you have one to speed up the process, but it isn't necessary. 

NOW, it's time for some fun!

Grab your partner and prepare to be transformed into this lovely, German couple. Stick your head in the hole and have your picture taken. 

I dare you not to laugh! 

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