Embroidery for Beginners

Here are samples of embroidery for beginners, that are fun and easy.

Are you terrible at trying to relax? Do you always have to be busy, doing something? Get something accomplished and do something relaxing at the same time. 

This no stress craft project is actually fun, easy and relaxing. It is a go anywhere craft, requiring minimal supplies. 


Age: 10 to Adult

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: Varies depending on project


  • Darning needle
  • scissors
  • scraps of preshrunk cotton material
  • small Embroidery hoop
  • fabric pencil
  • Various colors of embroidery thread

Embroidery for Beginners

If you have tried cross stitch, but don't care for it, don't write this off.  There are some similarities, but also many differences. Cross stitch requires the same size X stitch, over and over. There is also all that counting! That is not relaxing!

Embroidery is BETTER! There are many different stitches to choose from. Start out with the basic stitches and try more difficult ones, as your skills improve. It isn't always necessary to have them the same size and there is no counting! 

The best embroidery for beginners, are the projects that have easy stitches and a simple pattern. Draw your own pattern or use one from the internet. It is possible to come up with some pretty impressive results, using only two different stitches. The split stitch and the French knot are two REALLY easy ones. 

Start out using small squares of preshrunk cotton material, slightly bigger than your embroidery hoop.

Use a fairly small pattern. It's always better to start out small, so you can see results in a short time.  

There is always the question... "What am I going to do with a completed project, anyways?" If you prefer to make craft projects that are useful, this is a great choice. 

Here are some suggestions on how to put even beginner embroidery projects to use: 

Frame them.

Make a pillow.

Use for patches on pants. (This is my favorite.)

Sew two small squares of material together, fill with potpourri and make a sachet for the dresser drawer. 

Make pot holders. 

Decorate pillow cases. One word of caution: The back side will also have to be neat. It will make this slightly more advanced. It probably can't quite be categorized as embroidery for beginners; with a bit of practice it would be a good future project.

Combine many squares together and make a quilt. (Depending on how much time you have and how much you like doing this. Yes, it is time consuming.) Once you get started, you may like it so much, you will end up with a lot of little sampler, embroidery pieces. 

Trees make embroidery for beginners easy and fun. Make the stitches different sizes and you will soon learn how to make the tree trunk look like bark. I love making trees, so I have decided to do different, nature themed pieces. 


If you want to make a tree, a flowering cherry is a good one to start with.

Put a square piece of material in your small embroidery hoop and tighten the screw on the hoop.

Get the material as tight as possible. 

Use a washable fabric pencil to draw out the branches of the tree. 

Start by outlining the outer edge of the tree using a split stitch. Work from the bottom of the tree, upwards. 

Now use the same stitch to start filling in the branches. Where the branches thin out at the ends of the tree, use only 1/2 the thickness of thread. (Pull the thread apart so you have only 2 or 3 strands and use these for the thinner branches.)

When the branches are all done, start on the flowers. Use pink thread and a French knot stitch.

Start at the ends of the branches and work your way in towards the tree.

The flowers should be randomly spaced, not all in a line.

Make a double knot for bigger flowers and a single knot for smaller ones. The two different sizes of flowers make it look nicer.

You will need lots of flowers on the branches. 


Try making a long branch with a straight stitch, in a star like pattern, for a different look. 


This was done with the same easy stitches as the cherry blossom tree.  

When done in green, the French knot represents leaves on the tree. 

Two or three shades of the same green color, look best for the leaves. 

Different shades of brown for the trunk and branches, adds shading and more depth.


Here is another tree...

They really are relaxing to make. 

This one was done, while I lounged at the pool on a warm, sunny day. 

It really is a go anywhere, kind of craft project.


If you live in the desert, you might like to do a cactus. 

This is still embroidery for beginners. 

Find a pattern or design you like and try doing variations of the same thing. 

I still like doing trees and the more I do, the better they get. 


Doing an evergreen tree is a little more challenging, but still pretty easy. Can I say challenging and easy, in the same sentence? I guess I just did!

This one will require a lot of little single stitches for the needles. 

Learn 5 easy stitches that are great for beginners: "The best stitches in embroidery." 

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