Egg Crafts

When are egg crafts not from eggs? When they are made from packing tape. Curious yet? This even holds Easter treats. Check out the tutorial.

Age: 8 and up (younger with some help)

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 - 3


  • Roll of wide clear packing tape
  • Empty cardboard tape roll
  • plastic wrap
  • felt pens various colors
  • scissors
  • Balloon
  • Candies, small Easter ornaments or treats.


Blow up a medium sized round balloon 1/2 to 3/4's full. Tie.

Cover the balloon with plastic wrap. Leave the top tied piece uncovered. If it does happen to get covered a bit, don't fret too much about it.

Cut pieces of packing tape to about 5 inches long and start sticking them all over the balloon. It is helpful for an adult to cut multiple pieces of tape, sticking them to the side of a counter top. Kids can pull them off and apply them.

Cover all of the balloon, except for the very top, around where it is tied. Now do 3-4 more layers. You can do this by either wrapping the tape around and around or by continuing to cut them in pieces and putting them on, like you did the first layer. Continuing to cut in 5 inch lengths will take quite a bit longer but there will be less crinkles.

Check to see if there are any thin spots by squeezing it lightly in different places. Add more to thin spots you may have missed. It should now be holding the shape fairly well. If you want it stronger, add more layers of tape. Some of the cheaper packing tape seems a bit thicker and will require less layers to hold it's shape.

When you have enough layers, hold the tied piece of the balloon and use the scissors to cut a hole in it. Remove the balloon.

I think Egg crafts are best when they are made to hold treats inside.

Two options with this:

For option one: After filling, add 3 layers of tape over the hole.

Use a felt pen to decorate a cardboard tape roll. This will be the stand. Set the egg on the packing tape roll, to keep it from rolling all over the place.

Now use various colors of felt pens to decorate!

Color circles on a section of packing tape, cut the piece off the roll and stick on. It is easier than trying to draw them directly onto the egg, because it is a bit wrinkled, so it is hard to get them nice and smooth. Other designs can be drawn directly on.

Leave the egg shape closed until Easter. You can see the faint outline of what is waiting inside

Make sure whatever you put inside is quite durable, so kids can move it and shake it around a bit. Cut open later to get the treats out.

Egg Crafts Option two:

Don't add the treats yet. Tape the top hole closed. Draw a jagged edge all the way around the center of the packing tape egg. Now use scissors to cut along the edge.

Leave a piece at the back, still attached. This now can be opened and closed.

Cut off any loose plastic wrap from the inside. If you just discovered more thin spots, you can add more tape, either to the inside or outside of the shape.

Fill the inside with Easter goodies.

With help even very small children can do this, using option one. Make the balloon smaller, otherwise, taping gets to be too repetitive and attention span won't be long enough. I actually had a two year old help with this. One of the best parts for her, I think, was filling the shape with various treats. Chocolate eggs, jelly beans and smarties.

She was happy to say Easter was coming and seemed content with leaving the surprises inside until then.

It won't be long now! Easter is on the way. There is still time to make egg crafts, like this quick and easy project!

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