Edible Roses


There are many ways, to make edible roses, but you may not have seen this before. These are made from licorice sticks!

Valentine's Day is a time for flowers, candy and chocolates. I would pick chocolates and candy, over real flowers, any day. If that special someone in your life, has a serious sweet tooth, this is a great gift for them. Make unique, edible roses, add to a cup full of goodies and you will have a quick and inexpensive present.

Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Easy but not Quite peasy

Time scale: 1 out of 5


  • 6 Skewer sticks
  • Green food colouring
  • Q-tip
  • Paper towel
  • Masking tape
  • Microwave
  • Hot glue gun/ sticks
  • Narrow gift ribbon (not fabric ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Large Red plastic cup or tall ceramic coffee mug
  • Red vine licorice
  • Chocolate hearts
  • Chocolate kisses
  • 2-3 Chocolate bars

Edible Roses


Put green food coloring on a Q-tip and wipe it on the skewer sticks. Plan to do at least 6 licorice flowers. You will need one skewer stick per flower.

Set aside on a paper towel or stand upright in a tall mug to dry.

For the curious, you may be wondering what the green back ground is all about. Originally, I thought the skewer sticks could be soaked in a dish of green colored water. It actually took much less time, to paint the food coloring on with a Q-tip and skip the soaking part. 

When the skewer sticks are dry, it's time to add that handmade touch, to this Valentine Day gift; the edible roses. 

You must use fresh red vine licorice. It's also best to make this close to Valentine's Day, so the flowers don't get all dried out.

Heat one licorice in the microwave for about 8 seconds.
Be careful, it should be hot, but not too hot to handle! Hey, that could even be good relationship advice, minus the microwave part.


After removing the licorice from the microwave, immediately start rolling it. Roll tightly.

When about half an inch from the end, lay it flat and fold the end back and across the roll. 


Stick the pointed end of the skewer stick into it, to hold in place. It should be in far enough to hold it together, but not poking through the other side.


Repeat, until you have six licorice roses made.

If you get a difficult licorice, just eat it and try again. Pre-heating in the microwave will help reduce cracking. 


Gather together, staggering the height of each skewer stick.

Wrap with a piece of masking tape, about 4.5 inches down, from the tallest flower.

Break off the excess length, so the flowers stand inside the cup about 3.5 - 4 inches above the rim.  Set the broken pieces aside.

Place chocolate bars around the outer, inside edge of a large plastic drinking cup. Stand the licorice roses in the center of the cup. Pack chocolate hearts and kisses around them; tight enough to keep the flowers upright.


Use the hot glue gun to glue the shorter pieces of skewer sticks to the back of 3 wrapped chocolate hearts. It's best to use a low temp. gun. If you don't have one, just make sure the glue gun, is not very hot or you will melt the chocolates!

Stick the hearts upright, around the flower bouquet.


Use narrow, curling, plastic type, gift ribbon, to make a curly que bow. Wind the ribbon 6 times, around a set of fingers or thumbs, held 6-8 inches apart. If you don't have a helper, use a 6 x 3 inch piece of cardboard.

Wrap a piece of ribbon tightly and tie, around the center. Cut off, leaving 6 inch tails.

Cut the looped ends of the ribbon.


Now, for the curly que part... if you haven't done this before, you may want to practice on a leftover piece of ribbon, first.

Hold the ribbon, close to the bottom, where the tied, center part is, to prevent it from pulling through, from the other side. Place the inside edge of the scissors close to here, on the back side of the ribbon and your thumb on the other side.

Slide the scissors up and towards the end of the ribbon. It should now be curled. Do each one separately, until they are all curled.


Bend the ribbon forward at the fold. Hot glue to one of the skewer sticks, just below an edible rose. 

The edible rose bouquet, is meant to be simple and inexpensive, yet thoughtful and unique. If you want something fancier, replace the plastic cup with a tall, valentine coffee mug.

Who wouldn't love to get flowers, they can actually eat? 

Happy Valentines Day!

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