Easy Crochet Patterns

Looking for Easy Crochet Patterns?  If you are just learning, here are some great starter projects. Keep it simple but still make something amazing.

Videos on the internet, can be very helpful when you are just starting out. No need to struggle, trying to read a pattern or understand abbreviations.

I have tested these and they have renewed my interest in crocheting again. I've gone from being annoyed, disgusted and discouraged to realizing, I CAN do this and I'm having fun doing it.

Learn how to crochet a scarf. Once you do one, you will want to do a whole bunch.

There is always someone in need of a warm, cozy scarf


Here is a beginner crochet project that won't have you wondering if you should give up on crocheting, before you even start.

This infinity scarf has a video, so it makes it even easier to learn.



 Easy Crochet Patterns

Make a water bottle holder to carry an insulated container.

This easy crochet pattern was created by a beginner for beginners!


Feeling brave? This crocheted hat is still easy but is a step up from the simplicity of a scarf.

I've always thought of this as a hippie hat but this slouchy will look great on anyone! It is also really comfortable to wear.


Crochet Mittens into a sock monkey.

These are done in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

These boot cuffs are another easy crochet pattern that is great for beginners.

After testing many different instructions, I've decided this one is the easiest. It has the clearest and most concise video, out of all, I've tried.


The sunflower, Granny Square blanket, is not a starter project. It is for beginners, that have done scarves and hats, but are now ready for something a little more challenging.

The free pattern, also comes with a video. 


How to make a Rag Rug from recycled bed Sheets. 

This is a craft from days gone by, when reusing and recycling was a necessity. 


This crocheted Mermaid Tail is an adorable baby cocoon.

Pop it on your head, and it instantly goes from cocoon to winter hat! 

Have you tried any plastic bag crafts? This beach bag is another simple project.

This is a recycle project that will use up those bags from the grocery store.


Crochet slippers for the whole family. Warm tootsies for everyone!

Make a slight change to the pattern for different versions. 


Make this Super Adorable Crocheted Sock Monkey Hat. Sizes Newborn to Adult.

It's easier than you think!


Here is why crocheting is better than knitting….

Crochet only needs one hook, not two.

It is safer to wave the hook around in the air, no pokey ends, like knitting needles have. Less chance of injury.

If you make a mistake, you can just pull it out. No backwards crocheting required. As a novice, I rip the stitches out a lot!

Making a chain is easier than that casting thing knitters have to do. Cast on cast off. Ugh. I still haven't figured that out!

Knitting requires more coordination. I'm too big of klutz.

Crocheting only stresses one wrist, not both. If you get arthritis in one wrist, you can switch to the other hand. Well, if you are ambidextrous, that is.

If you have given up on crocheting, I hope that these easy crochet patterns will encourage you to try again.

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