Easy Crochet Pattern

Looking for an easy crochet pattern for making boot cuffs? Make your own and dress up your boots! These are all the rage right now. Not all tutorials are created equal. I've waded through quite a few, to come up with something that is good for a beginner.

easy-crochet-pattern- for-boot-cuffs

Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5 (Pros will blink and have this done in a flash)


  • Size 4 worsted weight yarn (won't use much)
  • size 5 crochet hook
  • darning needle

Originally, I wanted a boot cuff, not to fancy up my boots, but to keep my hiking boots from rubbing on my ankles and blistering them. You may be thinking that is what socks are for. My socks aren't thick enough, to keep from getting blisters. This will have to be a project for later. No hiking boots here.

Some videos don't really show what you are suppose to be doing and seem to forget that anyone that is watching a how to video, actually want to see the how to part. An easy crochet pattern can be even easier if there is a really good video to go with it.

If you are a pro it is easy to forget that even something simple can seem a bit confusing to a beginner. ( Well, for me anyways.) This question comes up “ what do I do at the end of the row? Is it a slip stitch, a single crochet, or a double crochet?” This can have me in a bit of a mess. It should be pretty straight forward… I guess. Some of this is not being confident and not wanting to think for myself. Give me a slap! After crocheting for a while, I will eventually figure it out for myself.

If I am learning, I expect to be given details, so I can learn what I need to know.  If I am going to figure it out for myself, I will make up my own easy crochet pattern. Right now, I want to get better at crocheting. I appreciate the helpful advice, descriptions and videos from the Internet.

No matter how detailed instructions are, I still seem to have my two cents to add. No disrespect to anyone is intended. There has to be a happy medium between an informative tutorial and one that bombards you with information overload. There are still things that come up, after the fact that should have been considered before hand. I got the boot cuffs finished and NOW I have thought of all sorts of stuff. I will tell you all about it!

Easy Crochet Pattern

To make the perfect boot cuffs, here are some Questions to ask yourself, before you begin:

My fashion sense, (which I must admit is fairly limited) tells me not to make fairly heavy boot cuffs to wear over a bare leg. Something frilly and lighter weight would probably look better. Please, no backlash from the fashion experts.

Think about how you will be wearing these, before you size them. If they are going to be over bare legs, size accordingly. If you are wearing them with leggings underneath, obviously they should be sized a bit bigger. There will be a bit of stretch but having these too tight will just be uncomfortable. Will they be inside or outside, over the edge, left up or rolled down over your boots? What style are the boots? Where on your leg will these sit? There can be quite a difference in the size of your leg, depending on where these will be sitting. What kind of weather will they be worn in?

Can you tell I like details? I think these are things that should be considered, even with an easy crochet pattern. Am I over thinking this or making it more complicated than it needs to be? I don't think so.

Cute is great but isn't cute and comfortable a much better combination? If they are actually functional, that is even better! I've read that some people wear them to keep the snow from going down inside their boots.

I have tried several tutorials before I came across this one. It is the most concise boot cuff video that I could find. When you are just learning, it is nice to have detailed instructions that describe and show all the steps.

Don't forget to consider the details, before you begin. This will be the difference between making boot cuffs that actually get worn and those that don't.

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