Easy Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for free easy crafts for kids you are in the right place. NEVER hear the B word again. If you have kids you probably know what the "B" word is... BORED. Say "NO" to bored.

Just gather up a few craft supplies and try some of these fun ideas. Even though these are easy, some may require adult supervision. There are   some projects they can do on their own, or some you may want to do together. Making crafts together can create some special memories.

Like adults, some kids may be more crafty than others. There are easy crafts for kids, that suit all skill levels. Everything is rated on age, difficulty and a number scale from 1-5 for time required.

Animal fridge magnets made from bread tags. Six projects to choose from. Some are easy crafts for kids, some a bit harder. 

Instructions for a giraffe, teddy bear, dragon, zebra, bunny and a chick.



Make a necklace or bracelet with instructions for an easy bead project.


Try this bread dough clay pendant. Make any color you want.

The clay is non toxic, easy to make and doesn't require baking. It will air dry.


Make an inexpensive, air dry clay for kids and let them see what they can create.


Kids can make this carved walking stick with only a small amount of help.

Mom or Dad can cut the stick and peel the bark and then kids can do the rest.

No wood carving tools are required for this project. Check out this surprising alternative to actual wood carving.


Want to make this Rudolph clothespin reindeer for the Christmas tree? 

Here are two slightly different versions. Change it up a bit, to suit you.


Are you looking for easy crafts for kids, that are also inexpensive?

How about this faux jade bracelet? It is made with recycled cardboard and tissue paper.

No need to use mod podge for this decoupage craft. You can make your own, using white glue.



Here are instructions for an easy decoupage project, using recycled materials.


Making Easter egg crafts?

Try something different, like this tissue paper decoupage on an eggshell.


Make an Easter rabbit from a few simple craft supplies and a recycled vitamin container.

This can also be simplified so younger kids can make it too.


This Fairy Furniture is made with natural materials, collected from outdoors.

Make a table, chairs, a fence, trellis and a tiny little watering can.


Fairy Gardens can be made in a wheel barrow or a vintage wash tub.

Make one with a glow in the dark path!

Add some furniture and the fairies will love it!


Try making this fairy house using bark, moss and sticks.

Once you start, you will come up with some of your own ideas on how to decorate it.

Spend a little, or a lot of time on this, whatever you choose.


Directions for making a friendship bracelet. This is an easy, take anywhere craft project. All you need is embroidery thread and a safety pin.


Make halloween party decorations. These spiders and bats or egyptian canopic jars are easy crafts for kids.


Check out this easy kids science experiment. It looks like magic.

Find out how to make koolaid or iced tea into a slushy.


Easy Crafts for Kids can also be educational.

This magazine crafts project shows how to make a miniature replica of Abraham Lincoln's log cabin.

Makes a great visual display to go along with a school book report.


More Easy Crafts for Kids


Try this monster crafts project.

It's a fun game you can make yourself!


This mummy candy holder is made from a paper towel tube.

Make to add to the goodie bags at a party!



An easy project to make, is this paper mache dragonfly.


Brighten up the garden, even on the dreary days, with painted sticks.

Kids will have fun decorating tree branches, to plant in the garden!

It's easy and fun!

painted sticks

These paper mache rocks can be used to make an inukshuk sculpture. 

Great for kids that are  studying the inuit culture at school.




Go on a nature walk and collect supplies to make pinecone crafts, like this unique pinecone owl.


This easy pine cone Bird Feeder is fun to make and the birds are going to love it!



Paper mache is fun and easy. Why not try a paper mache pirate pinata?


Find out how to build a pyramid using cardboard.

If you are studying Egypt, this would make a great school project.


Try making a rainstick craft. This can be made with or without using a glue gun.


Don't have many craft supplies? You only need scissors, felt pens and bread tags for this easy recycle craft.


Looking for snowman craft ideas? This quick and easy project uses polymer clay.

Kids can make a bunch of these and hang them on the Christmas tree.


Learn how to make Herbie The Suds Bug.

This soap carving tutorial, comes with 8 free patterns to choose from. 


This is an easy suncatcher craft, made with recycled corrugated plastic and felt pens.

If you can trace and color, you can make this! It even comes with a template for the pattern or you can make your own.

Hang it up in the window or put it outside, to twirl in the wind.


This sunflower craft turns a plain plastic container into a pretty flower.

Write a message to Mom on each petal, with a felt pen and give it to her for Mothers Day.


Try some messy fun with this Splatter paint project.

Get your hyper, cranky kids out of a grump, fast.


This Styrofoam pumpkin is one of those easy crafts for kids. It is way easier and safer to do than carving a real pumpkin.

You can even choose whatever size you like.


Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

How to make an Easy Tic Tac Toe game.

Three, Free Printable templates to make this even Easier!



Have you tried tin foil art? Here are instructions for creating a colorful little seahorse.


Can this tiny doll get any smaller?

Are you up for the challenge? How itty bitty can you make it?



Have you done toilet paper roll crafts? This Santa ornament is an easy project.

Use supplies from the recycle bin to make your own special Christmas tree decoration.


Here is an easy valentine craft for kids!

This comes with a free Bee Mine printable template.

Make one for your Special Valentine!



Want to make easy, faux stained glass window clings?


Some of these kids craft projects require the use of a glue gun. When using a glue gun, a low temperature one is recommended to prevent serious injury. Always have a glass of cold water sitting nearby in case of some stray hot glue. Make sure your child knows it is for dipping their hand in, if they do glue themselves.

This is one thing I must admit, I should follow my own advice on. I have had a few disagreements with my glue gun and I ALWAYS lose. That glass of water never seems to be where I need it. If there is a glass of water within my reach, I usually end up drinking it instead. When I am doing a craft project, I'm not thirsty but, I may have blisters.

Depending on the age of the child, a glue gun may not be advisable, at all. Sometimes there are days when I wonder if I should be using one. As for your child, that is for you to determine. If in doubt, always choose a safer alternative, such as slower drying glue, or provide help with the hot gluing part.

There are fun easy crafts for kids, that will contribute to a sense of accomplishment. While making crafts, they will be developing skills like patience, coordination, and creativity. 

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