Easter Rabbit

Find out how to make this easter rabbit, using a recycled vitamin container and styrofoam balls.


Age: 8 and up *see note at the bottom of the page, for simplifying this project.

Difficulty: Medium

Time scale: 3 out of 5


  • 2.5 inch styrofoam egg
  • 2 - 1.5 inch styrofoam balls
  • 2 - white fluffy chenille pipe cleaners
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 piece of pink felt
  • small piece of white felt
  • 4 inch white vitamin container
  • Cotton ball from vitamin container
  • 2 - white twist ties
  • Pastel colored Ribbon 18 inches long
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • tacky glue
  • toothpick

* Speed this project up by using hot glue for attaching the arms, tummy and tail. Don't use it on the Styrofoam though, it will melt it!

 Make a Recycled Easter Rabbit

Remove the lid of the vitamin container. Rinse and dry. Use tacky glue and attach a 2.5 inch styrofoam egg on it's side, to the top of the container. This is for the head. 

Flatten the bottoms of two 1.5 inch styrofoam balls. Flatten one end on each ball, so it will follow the curve on the side of the vitamin container. Yes, a round ball now has an end because the bottom got flattened.

Technically, that doesn't really make it a ball anymore, even though I still called it one. Hopefully, you aren't as confused as I am! It is easier than it sounds! Pinch and squeeze the ball to shape, for the feet of the Easter rabbit.

Glue these on to the side of the bottle at the bottom. Space them about a 1/4 of an inch apart.
This space should be lined up and centered with the pointed end of the styrofoam egg that was glued to the top of the bottle.(Otherwise the head will look like it is on crooked).

Cut a pipe cleaner so it has two of those fluffy parts. Bend over in the middle and twist the ends together. Make two of these, for the ears.

Stick these in the top, towards the back of the styrofoam egg, spaced about 3/4's of an inch apart.

Use scissors to trim some of the paper off of two white twist ties. Cut six pieces about 1.5 inches long. Push these into the ball, next to the nose, for the whiskers. Do three on each side. Trim, if they are too long.

Push the googly eyes into the face to make a slight indentation. Remove, add glue and put them back on. They are put on, tilted up slightly, not lying completely flat on the egg.

Cut a piece of pink felt into a small triangle shape. Glue this, wide end up on to the tip of the egg, for the nose.

Cut an oval shape of pink felt that is about 1.5 x 2 inches. Glue on to the front of the container.

Take a full length fluffy white pipe cleaner and bend into a V shape. Bend up one end, so the wire end comes to where the next fluffy bump part starts. Twist together, gently. (Don't squish it down too much).

Add glue to the center V shape and attach to the back of the vitamin bottle. If you need to hold it in place while the glue dries, bring the pipe cleaner forward and twist together at the front around the neck of the bottle. (Carefully, so you don't squish it too much).

When the glue has dried, untwist the pipe cleaner at the front. These are for the arms of the easter rabbit. Bend in slightly where the elbows should be.

Cut a piece of white felt into a tiny square with a slit up the center to make the teeth.

Use a toothpick to push the teeth into the styrofoam egg, just down from the nose. Add a small amount of glue to the back.

Shape a piece of cotton into a ball, for the tail of the Easter Rabbit.  If it is already a ball, because it is a cotton ball, then I guess you don't have to do this! Oh, I'm talking in riddles again. Sorry about that. Attach this to the back of the container.

When the glue has dried on all the pieces, tie a piece of pastel colored ribbon around the neck of the bunny. Tie it into a bow.

Does this project look too hard? Make it easier for younger children by omitting the feet and the arms. Much quicker and easier and it will still look like a pretty good Easter Rabbit.

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