Easter Egg Decorating

Easter egg decorating has never been easier! No fuss, no muss, using dollar store supplies.

Age: 3 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 1 out of 5



  • medium sized plastic eggs (pkg. of 6)
  • Colored construction paper OR
    Colored craft foam
  • Funny face stickers
  • googly eyes (if not using the funny face stickers)
  • clear craft lace
  • feathers
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • pen
  • Hot glue or fast drying tacky glue, depending on age.
  • glass of cold water

All these items can be purchased from the dollar store. They have a huge selection of Easter craft supplies.

This couldn't be easier and it's fast too! Let's face it, Easter egg decorating can be messy when using water and dyes. Stained hands and clothes and water dripping everywhere. If you don't feel like dealing with the mess, this idea is almost mess free.

Small children can't use a glue gun, obviously so they will need help with this. Even if they aren't directly operating the glue gun, they will need to be able to comprehend the fact that they can't touch that blob of glue or it will burn. Don't take your eyes off of them for a second. If you prefer, and you don't have eyes in the back of your head, use a fast drying tacky glue.

To make the glue gun safer to use, kids can hold the item that is being glued on, with a pair of pliers. No burned fingers! Have a glass of water nearby, just in case.

Peel off one of the funny faces from the sticker sheet and stick it on the side of the top half of the plastic egg.

Use a pen to draw feet on either a piece of contruction paper or craft foam. Keep them attached at the back and in one piece. Cut out with scissors.

Add a blob of hot glue to the paper and while holding the egg up at the top, stick the bottom of the egg to this.

Kids need to be reminded to keep their little fingers far away from the glue.

More Easter Egg Decorating

Want this to be a little more challenging? Instead of the funny face sticker, glue googly eyes on to a yellow egg.

Cut a very small triangle piece and glue on for the beak.

Use orange craft foam for the feet.

Glue yellow feathers to the sides.


Make a bunny by using craft foam for the feet, ears and nose and craft lace for the whiskers.

Don't forget to hide treats like jelly beans and chocolates inside!

If you don't have plastic eggs this can be done on a real egg, either hard boiled or blown out.

There you go. Different versions, using dollar store supplies. Done in the blink of a bunny eye.

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