Easter Egg Crafts

Making easter egg crafts? Try something different, like this tissue paper decoupage. Uniquely Eggstrordinary!

Age: 7 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5

(not including drying time)



  • egg
  • darning needle
  • Gold thread
  • Tacky glue
  • Tissue paper
  • White glue that dries clear (like Elmers glue)
  • Water
  • plastic container with lid (margarine container)
  • Paper towel
  • small paint brush
  • black craft paint
  • gold perfect pearls® powder
  • high gloss spray sealer

Ready to make Easter Egg Crafts that are different from the usual? No longer do you have to eat odd colored boiled eggs, because the food coloring soaked through! Use only the egg shell.

Here is the secret to making an egg, way EASIER to blow out.....

Start by shaking a raw egg. Yes, SHAKE IT! Shake your booty too and add some wiggle to your jiggle. Having fun yet? Has the egg flown out of your hands and went splat on the floor? Oops, this was suppose to be easier! It is, but you need to hang on tight to the egg but not TOO tight.

Rinse with warm soapy water and dry off. The egg, not the floor.

Poke a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg shell with a needle. (Small children will need help with this.) Enlarge the bottom hole slightly but be careful not to crack the egg shell.

Rinse and dry off any egg that may have slopped on the shell.
Blow into the hole on the one end of the egg. If you shook the egg hard enough the yolk should have broken and it will come out much easier.

Run water over the egg shell so it rinses the inside. Shake the water out and repeat until it has been rinsed well. Set aside to dry. If you are in a hurry, use a blow dryer on it.

Now that you have that done, there are a whole list of Easter egg crafts you can do. There are a few that I am either currently working on or have plans to do in the future. One project that has been partially finished for quite some time, is polymer clay filigree, done over an egg shell. There is also one that is a Christmas decoration that could be modified into an Easter version. 

If you really like glitter, you can glitter up an egg shell or color it with food coloring, or both.

There is a science experiment I have seen on the internet that you can do with an egg and alum powder, to create crystals. It looks like fun. This is on my list to try one of these days.

Easter Egg Crafts using decoupage

Cut a piece of gold thread about 7 inches long.

Loop around and tie the ends together.

Add tacky glue to the top hole in the egg. Put the knotted end of the gold thread into the hole.

Let dry.

Mix up one part water to three parts white glue in a plastic container.

Use a small paint brush and apply to the top of the shell.

Crumple a sheet of tissue paper and then smooth it back out. You can use the color of your choice.

Easter egg Crafts can be plain or patterned. Use several different colors, if you like. I used light blue for this one.

Rip the tissue paper into a bunch of small jagged pieces. Make sure there are no straight edges. 

Using a small paint brush, apply the glue mixture to a small section of the egg.


Pat a small piece of tissue paper down carefully with the paint brush, adding a small amount of the glue mixture to hold it down.

It doesn't have to be smooth, wrinkles are fine. REALLY; they add character.  

Try not to touch the tissue paper with sticky fingers. If the paper is starting to stick to your fingers, rinse them off and then dip your fingers into a glass of water to keep them moist.

If you aren't having much luck using the paint brush, throw it in a corner and try using just your fingers to apply the glue and to smooth the paper.

Keep applying the tissue paper, overlapping pieces slightly, until the shell is completely covered with three to four layers.

Hang from a hook to dry, if you have one. If not, hang around the neck of the glue bottle with a small piece of plastic wrap behind the egg, where it touches the bottle.

You could also just set this on the lid of a plastic margarine container to dry, turning occasionally, to keep it from sticking.                          

After drying, if you are concerned about durability, you can add three more layers of paper.

When dry, dilute some black craft paint and apply a blackwash over the egg.

Rub off excess paint carefully with a damp paper towel.

Now apply a light coat of gold perfect pearls powder over the raised up wrinkles in the paper.

Let dry and then spray with two coats of high gloss spray sealer. (Adults only should do this).


If you prefer to keep this more kid friendly, you can add a couple coats of the glue solution over top, instead of using the spray sealer. It will dry slower though and also may move some of the gold color around a bit.

Finished! Now, to move on to that list of other Easter egg crafts to do!

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