Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Craft ideas with free instructions for each project. Hop on in and find easy projects for kids and adults. 

There are polymer clay, paper mache, decoupage and recycle projects for making holiday décor. The list is growing all the time.

Fun, inexpensive ideas. Limited craft supplies required for most projects. No need for an expensive trip to the craft store. You probably already have what you need.

Easter is almost here, but you still have time! Make something fun!

This bunny craft is made from Polymer clay.

This guy is wore out from the festivities and is only interested in sitting down to eat his carrot.  He really is a SILLY RABBIT!

polymer clay-bunny

Make this chick craft  with polymer clay.

Real feathers make him extra cute and fluffy.


 Chick crafts aren't just for girls.

This is made from bread tags and feathers.

It's fun and easy.

Put a magnet on the back and hang it on the fridge.


Most everyone loves chocolate and the special treats from the Easter bunny.

Christian Easter Crafts can serve as a reminder of the true meaning of Easter. What does it mean to you?

This faux stained glass window is kid friendly. It is made with wax paper, cardboard and felt pens.


Why not make this decoupage egg? It is really easy.

Blue is my favorite color. Would you rather have pastel colors? Make it any color you want. Just use a different color tissue paper and skip the blackwash technique.



Easter Egg Decorating made easy. No messy dye required.

Make this cool egg dude, a chick or a rabbit, using dollar store supplies.

Even very small children can do this!



More Easter Craft Ideas

This Easter Egg decoration is made with an egg shell and polymer clay.

Use these instructions to make one that resembles stained glass, or do your own design.

Some Easter Craft Ideas are fun to make, any time of the year!



When are egg crafts not from eggs? When they are made from packing tape.

This even holds treats!

Are you curious yet? Check out the easy tutorial, to find out how to make this.  


Make a cute, paper Easter Basket, with recycled magazines.

It holds just the right amount of Easter treats!


This rabbit is made from a plastic vitamin container.

Think it is too hard? There are even instructions to simplify it, to make it suitable for younger children.


Make a cute little bunny with very limited craft supplies.

This is an easy recycle craft project, using bread tags.


Looking for more Easter Craft Ideas?

Make this wire bunny, with chicken wire and moss.

Make other animals too, like a snail or a lamb.

This garden topiary is not just for Easter. This is a great spring craft project, that can be used inside or out.

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