Easter Bunny Craft

Like silly rabbits? Here are instructions for an Easter bunny craft using polymer clay.

Age: 12+

Difficulty: Medium

Time Scale: 4 out 5



  • 14 inch long piece of wire
  • white floral tape
  • 2 oz. pkg. white polymer clay
  • 1/8 pkg. light pink                                              
  • 1/8 pkg. orange clay
  • small piece of medium green clay
  • Sculpey® bake and bond
  • small piece of fur, white wool roving or cotton ball
  • burnt umber craft paint
  • pink paint
  • white paint
  • small paint brush
  • tin foil
  • heavy scissors
  • Clay sculpting tools in needle, ball end and spoon shaped.
  • small exacto knife
  • clay slicer
  • paper towel
  • glue (I used a jewelry glue)

Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial

Cut a piece of wire to 8 inches long and fold in half. Twist together about 1 inch down from the top. 

Cut another piece 4 inches long and wrap around the main wire, down from the top about 1.25 inches.


Wrap this with floral tape.

Crunch up some tin foil into a ball about the size of a large pea. Set this on the wire where the tummy of the bunny will be. Wrap with floral tape.


Condition the white clay. Start with a ball about 1 inch across. Flatten it down and wrap it around the wire starting at the middle. Work up on to the neck and down on to the legs.

Use two large pea sized pieces, flatten and wrap around each arm.


Bend the legs of the bunny so he is in a sitting position. Add pieces of clay on the legs for the knees.

Bend the arms at the elbows.


Use a 1/2 inch ball and push down on to the wire for the head.

Work some of the clay down from the head to join with the neck.


Make two tiny balls and place them on the face. Pinch together at the sides of the face to bring the nose forward. Squeeze the top of the head on the sides to narrow.

Add holes with the ball tool for the eyes.


Use a small piece of light pink clay and shape into a triangle for the nose. Add this triangle upside down on the face. Push holes into each side to form the nostrils.

Add a line down the center under the nose and across for the mouth.


Add tiny balls to the face beside the nose on each side to build the cheeks out more.

Make a small ball, squish down and put under the mouth for the chin. Don't build it out very much. Add lines to the face.


Use a marble sized piece of white clay for the feet. Form into a tear drop shape and flatten on the bottom. Add these to the ends of the legs in an upright position. With a needle tool, push down into the top of the foot and make three lines on each foot for the toes.


With a pea sized piece of clay make the hand by shaping slightly oblong and flattening. Add to the arm. Make three lines in each hand for the fingers. Technically I guess a rabbit doesn't have fingers but you know what I mean. Right?

Add small pieces of clay to build up the shoulders. This easter bunny craft takes shape by adding little pieces at a time to the main wire covered structure.

Make lines at the bends in the arms and armpits. Include creases on the legs, next to the body.

Add a hole in the tummy for a belly button.

Use very small pink pieces of clay to make the pads on the bottom of the feet and hands. There should be one main larger pad near the heel of the foot/ palm of hand and three very small ones for the toes.


The eyes are very small balls, smaller than pea size, of white clay. Form them and bake at 275 degrees for 10 minutes. It is much easier to work with the eyes if they are pre baked.

After baking and cooling, paint on the eyes using burnt umber craft paint.


Dot with black for the pupil. When dry, put into the eye holes you made. Use a tiny bit of white clay, flatten and form into an oblong shape to make the eyelids.

Hey, wait a minute! You may be wondering why those blue eyes turned brown? I had them pre made but only in blue, so I just painted them brown later. The blue eyes didn't seem to suit this easter bunny craft

The ears are made from pieces of clay slightly smaller than marble size. Flatten and shape into a long narrow triangle. Use a spoon shaped sculpting tool to push in and form the inner part of the ear.


Cut two pieces of wire about 3/4's of an inch long. Poke into the top of the head on the bunny where you want to put the ears. Add bake and bond to the bottom of the ears and push on to the wires. Bend the ears into the shape you like. I wanted mine flopping over a bit.


Use one very small piece of clay for the two front teeth. Put the piece in the mouth and then separate into two teeth. Hold your thumb nail under the back and use the needle tool or small exacto knife to separate and square them off.


Make a carrot with a large pea sized piece of orange clay. Roll into a cylinder shape that is pointed at one end. Probably easier just to say make a carrot shape.

Poke a hole in the top.


Use a small bit of green clay and make into a slightly flattened cone shape. Use a clay slicer to cut the greenery into narrow strips.

Add bake and bond and put into the hole on the end of the carrot.


Use the needle tool and draw short little lines all over the easter bunny craft to resemble fur.

Bend his arms so they are resting on the tops of his legs.

Put the carrot in his hand and bend his paw around it slightly.

Make lines in the carrot.

Crumple a piece of tin foil and use it to support the carrot so it won't droop down when baking.


Bake the easter bunny craft in the oven according to the manufacturers instructions. Time and temperature will vary depending on the type of clay you are using. Remove from the oven when done baking and let cool.

Add pink paint to the inner ears. 

Mix up a 60/40 mix of burnt umber and water. Apply to the easter bunny craft. Let it sit for a couple minutes and then wipe down with a damp paper towel. You don't want the wash on his teeth. If you do happen to get some on his teeth he will need a teeth whitening! You can paint the teeth with white craft paint to whiten them back up.

Cut a small piece of rabbits fur and glue on for the tail. As an alternative you can use wool or a cotton ball.

He is standing on his head just for you! Show off.


I also added a very small tuft on the top of his head between his ears. Since he is standing on his head, I guess you can't see that! Silly rabbit!

This easter bunny craft is complete! Watch him closely, he may decide to hop away in search of more carrots.

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