DIY Crafts

DIY crafts are a collection of tips and techniques to help you make your own homemade crafts. There are free craft ideas and also craft recipes.

Want to know how to paper mache? I will tell you what you can use for a form, instead of using a balloon.

Read the craft tips to find a sometimes unexpected version of how my crafty brain works.

There are easy craft ideas using inexpensive materials, a lot of which you probably already have in your home.

Meet Hans and Olga. Oops... Olga seems to be faceless at the moment. Guess she is camera shy.

Make your own face in hole photo board and add some fun to your German themed party.


The Arizona Flea market in Quartzsite is the place to find the materials for making your DIY crafts.

This place is known for it's rocks and jewelry making supplies but it also has a lot more.


Looking for a list of the must have and the get later Arts and Craft Supplies? Here, you will find the basics as well as an expanded list.

Need to organize all those craft supplies? Make this easy shelf that is just the right size for holding glass canning jars.

Want to learn how to do needle felting? I can show you how. It can be used to make a variety of homemade crafts. You can take it along with you almost anywhere. All you need is a needle felting needle, a small block of foam, and some wool.

Start out with one of the easy crafts to make, like the needle felted snowman. After learning the needle felting technique, there are endless DIY crafts you can make.

More DIY Crafts

Lexan is an expensive plastic, used on Greenhouses and sunrooms.

Make cutting Lexan, less stressful, by following these tips. 


The supplies for this easy craft idea don't take up any more space than a knitting project. In fact, it is so easy, you may want to replace your knitting for needle felting. I'm not saying it is like knitting, because it isn't, but it is easy to throw in a bag and take along with you.

Click here to go to Needle Felting how to.


Know someone with a new baby?Don't like to bake? Try making this diaper cake.

It makes a great gift for a baby shower and it's useful. No baking involved!

Just use disposable diapers, elastics, facecloths and a few baby toys.

This project is quick and easy.


Stunning Gourd Crafts at the Gourd Festival in Casa Grande, Arizona AND a trip to Wuertz Farm. 


The Hawaii costume that is not only inexpensive, it's easy to make. 

This is for those last minute party goers, that have to come up with something in a big hurry.

Isn't he, I mean she, lovely?


How to Install Grommets... 

What? You know, those hookymadojiggies; the little metal rings, attached to material, so you can hook it, strap it or hang it. 


The Cricut® machine does more than make do-dads for your scrapbook.

It works great for making party decorations, too!

Here's how to make paper flowers the easy way!



Looking for ideas on how to make wings?

Here is a list of materials you can use.


This is one of the photo craft ideas that can turn a picture into what looks like a painting on canvas. It's easy too!


This range hood makeover is inexpensive and easy. Don't replace that stove vent that is the wrong color, paint it.


Camping entertainment!

Make an outdoor Movie screen. Two versions to choose from.


DIY crafts to Save Money!

Make your own, easy and inexpensive RV sunshade.


Here are shadow box ideas. Finally, you can display those special keepsakes that have been hidden away in a box somewhere.


Put your vintage cups and saucers on display, with this easy, teacup shelf. 


Have you heard of a Thunder Gourd

This Unique decorative piece, doesn't just hang there and look pretty!

Make one and hear the thunderous noise it creates. 


Are you up for a bit of a challenge?

Tree of Life Art with more than a twist!

Check out my version made with a bicycle rim and glass gems.


Make a beautiful, vegetable bouquet, for your next party or get together. 

Pretty to look at and delicious too!


This Authentic, Vintage paint job, was created by Mother nature, herself.

Try to replicate it, if you can. 


Should you wash Vintage Teddy Bears?

I'm not saying you should, but I did. Want to know what happened?  


Make this windshield cover for your Tow Vehicle.


Here you will also find different paint techniques. Painting can add that important finishing touch, turning your diy crafts into an amazing work of art. Blackwashing is just one paint technique that adds important depth. It can really improve the look of your project.

There is information on sculpting, so you can create a one of a kind Santa. This is one of my favorite homemade crafts. Included are tips on making eyes and sculpting proportions correctly.

A Santa, isn't an easy craft to make, but putting the time in, is worth the effort. If you haven't done any sculpting before, there are alternative methods. For example, using a mold to make the face. This can make it an easier project that still produces good results.

What about those Craft Wrecks, I was talking about? Those projects that turned out to be not so easy or just not quite right. I will tell you what I think went wrong and what to do next time to avoid the problem. Something, besides never attempting it again!

Not everything can turn out perfectly. Crafting is sometimes about trial and error and that is okay. Some bad home made crafts, maybe aren't as big of disaster as it seems. Maybe some can even be rescued before they are thrown in the trash!

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