Diaper Cake

Do you know someone that has a new baby? Here are instructions for making a diaper cake with all useable supplies. This makes a great baby shower gift.


Age: 10+

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5


  • 114 newborn disposable diapers
  • A 16 inch round foil serving tray
  • Large package of various sized elastics
  • 8 baby face cloths (or more)
  • Small teddy bear
  • Two rolls of ribbon
  • 3 diaper pins
  • paper towel tube
  • clear cellophane
  • Any baby toys you would like to add, for example: Rattle, teething ring, rubber duck etc.


Open the disposable diaper up and roll it from one end all the way to the other, lengthwise. Place an elastic around the middle to hold it. Do this with 114 of them, trying to keep them as uniform as possible.

Put an elastic band about 3 inches up from the bottom of a paper towel tube. Start placing the rolled diapers, standing on end. Put them all the way around the tube, under the elastic. Put the seam in, so it doesn't show. It should take 6 diapers to go all the way around the tube.


Add an elastic around this and then place 12 diapers all the way around this. When that is complete, put on another elastic and add a row all the way around with 18. The next row for the bottom layer will be 24.

Sit this on the 16 inch round foil serving tray. It should be slightly smaller than the tray.

Use ribbon and wrap around the outer edge of the diaper cake, to cover the elastics. Cut and pin.


Now do the second layer on top of this, starting with 6, then a row of 12, then 18. Wrap with ribbon.

The very top layer will be 6 and then 12. Wrap this with ribbon also. Make sure to cover the rubber bands, so they don't show.


Fold the baby facecloths in half and wind and fold around in a circle to make a rose. Hold together with elastic.

Now poke these into various spots all the way up the front of the cake. If you would like to, you can also fold the facecloths into a little duck or bunny.


Add a small teddy bear on the very top. Put on any other baby items and toys by tucking them into the ribbon or spaces.

This was made for a baby boy, so I chose to use blue ribbon and facecloths.

I added a bead ring, rattle and a couple little books. I put a rubber duck bath temperature indicator on the very top, beside the teddy bear.


Wrap the diaper cake with clear cellophane, attaching at the top with an elastic and ribbon.

This is one cake that won't hinder losing that baby weight! I'm sure that is something that all new Mothers can appreciate!

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