Decoupage Project

This easy decoupage project uses tissue paper and recycled styrofoam packaging from the grocery store. The large trays from costco that are used for the steaks and pork chops, work well.

Age: 6+

Difficulty rating: Easy

Time scale: 3 out of 5 (because of drying time)



  • styrofoam meat tray
  • tissue paper (about 3 sheets)
  • white glue
  • sealer

Make sure to wash the styrofoam tray well with hot soapy water.


If you want to reuse the tray and just use it as a form, cover it with plastic wrap. It can then be removed from the tray when completed.

You will need to do a lot more layers of tissue paper and only on either the inside or the outside of the tray. It will take a lot longer to complete, and require a lot more layers of paper. I am leaving the styrofoam tray for a permanent form, inside the project. It is easier and will be a lot more durable.

To make this decoupage project, start on the inside of the styrofoam. Always tear the tissue paper, don't cut it with scissors. The torn edges look and blend in better.

You can choose to use different colors of tissue paper or all one color. Try a dark colored paper for the first couple layers, with a lighter color on top. The dark color will partially show through the lighter color.

Using a paint brush to apply white glue on the inside of styrofoam tray. Apply small pieces of tissue paper. Make sure this is glued down well.

Now use slightly watered down glue on top and smooth down with the paint brush.

Be careful not to rip the paper. It is quite fragile. If it is ripping you may have too much glue.


Try not to go over it too many times with the paint brush; just enough to stick it down.

Continue adding more paper to your decoupage project. Work with various sized pieces. Use smaller pieces at the corners to make it easier to apply.

Wrinkles are fine... or that is what I keep trying to tell myself! Wrinkles are fine, in the tissue paper that is. Make sure to work out all the air bubbles.

Don't touch the wet tissue paper on the decoupage project. It will stick to your fingers, rip off and make an awful mess.


Keep adding pieces of the tissue paper until the inside of the tray is completely covered with about 5 layers. Make sure to wrap the tissue paper over the edges of the tray.

When it is dry enough to turn upside down, without the edges sticking, turn over and do the bottom of the tray. Put it on a piece of wax paper if the edges are still a bit damp, so it doesn't stick.

After it is completely dry, do a blackwash over it. Be careful not to water the paint down too much, or it may cause the tissue paper to separate from the styrofoam.

When the blackwash is dry, brush on another coat of glue. When this is dry, apply two coats of sealer.

Do not allow direct contact with any food products.

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