Decoupage Drawer Liner

Add special meaning to this decoupage drawer liner by using a map that represents a special road trip you have been on. It's even better in the RV! 


Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5


  • Map    
  • White glue    
  • Water    
  • Plastic container    
  • Paint brush      
  • Metal scraper    
  • Medium grit Sandpaper    
  • Exacto knife      
  • Scissors    
  • Rag     


We have vinyl liners in drawers in our motorhome. Something that was in the drawer has caused it to get all sticky and start to break down. It was  a terrible sticky, gooey mess. There had been a headlamp in the drawer and I wondered if the battery had leaked.

Decoupage Drawer Liner How To

First, I gave this a good scrub to remove as much of the goo as possible. I then sprinkled baking soda in the drawer. If the mess was from battery acid, the baking soda would neutralize it. This was then cleaned out and rinsed well. It is important to make sure there is no residue left from the baking soda.      

Scrape any loose pieces of liner off with a metal scraper or putty knife.

Use medium grit sandpaper to slightly scuff up the finish on the remaining drawer liner. 

Wipe with a damp cloth.

Cut a piece of the map out, so it is a few inches larger than the inside of the drawer. Press the map into the drawer and push against the edges, to make a slight crease all the way around. 

Remove the map and cut it at least an inch up from this line. So, you may be asking yourself why I didn't cut it right on the line and have it perfectly sized to the inside of the drawer. Do these sound like dumb instructions? WAIT! There is a reason and it a good one. Well, at least I think so! It is because of the next step... REALLY! The crumpling!


Crumple the map gently (if there is such a thing!) Straighten it back out. You will need the map a little bigger than the finished size so it won't end up too small, from the crinkles in it. Why crumple? Good reason for this too! It is to take out my frustrations!! Well, no not really. If I tried to put a perfectly smooth map in the drawer, those mucked up pieces on the drawer liner underneath, would probably show. Crumpling and then partially straightening the map back out, provides just enough texture to hide any imperfections underneath.


This saves a lot of time because you don't have to try to completely remove the drawer liner, even if it is damaged. At first I thought I would try to take the liner out, before I did the decoupage drawer liner. It proved to be an almost impossible task. I would probably still be picking at it a week later!

Put the map back inside the drawer and redo the crease all the way around the edge.


Mix one part white glue to two parts water in a plastic container. Use a brand of glue that dries clear, like Elmers)

Apply a generous coat to the bottom of the drawer using a paint brush. Add a coat to the back of the map, but only up to the crease.

Smooth the map down to the inside of the drawer. Don't take "smooth" too literally. Since the map was crumpled, there will be crinkles. There still should be good contact all over. Start from the top and work your way out to the outer edges. Make sure to remove any air bubbles as you go. Don't glue up the sides of the decoupage drawer, only the bottom.

Let dry.


Use an exacto knife to cut off excess map around the edges.

Apply a coat of the white glue mixture over top. If you get a spot that has bubbled up, use the exacto knife to make a small slice in the paper and then push the air out. Add more glue mixture to stick the piece down.

Add two to three coats of glue mixture on top, drying between coats.


You now have a decoupage drawer liner from a recycled map. This is a great way to cover up a ruined drawer liner, in a hurry. It also serves as a reminder of your travels. 

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