Decoupage Craft

This easy decoupage craft uses ordinary white glue, tissue paper and cardboard to create a faux jade bracelet.

Age: 8 and up

Time Scale: 3 (because of drying time)

Difficulty: Easy



  • small paint brush
  • white glue (like elmers) or mod podge
  • water
  • small container
  • paper towel
  • wax paper
  • wide cardboard ribbon roll
  • Tissue paper colors:


         lime green

         dark yellow

  • Craft paint in:

         burnt umber


  • high gloss spray sealer

You don't need to use mod podge to make this decoupage craft. Make your own substitute, for cheap! Any white glue that dries clear, mixed with a little water, will work.

Decoupage Craft how to

Mix 3 parts white glue to 1 part water in a small plastic container.

Pull the cardboard sides off an empty ribbon roll. I used a fairly wide cardboard tube. The inside diameter is quite small, so it will work for someone with a fairly small wrist. If you don't have a ribbon roll, you can use an empty packing tape or masking tape roll. These will have to be cut and adjusted to make the inside diameter smaller around.  


Apply the watered down white glue to a section of the outside of the cardboard roll.

Tear a piece of white tissue paper off the sheet and stick it on. Use as big of piece of tissue paper as you feel comfortable working with.


Use a small paint brush to stick it down and work out any air bubbles. Be gentle, so you don't rip the paper. The extra width of the tissue paper can be folded over the edge and stuck to the inside of the cardboard. Don't worry about the wrinkles. They add character!

Apply extra glue mixture, over top. If the tissue paper is tearing and sticking to the brush, add more water to the glue. Do one layer of white tissue paper.

Now add lime green tissue paper over this. Keep adding pieces of tissue paper until the cardboard is covered. Do 3-4 layers to the inside and outside of the cardboard tube.

Set on a piece of wax paper and let it dry.

Tear off small pieces of dark yellow tissue paper and add in random spots, on the bracelet.

Add 1-2 more layers of the lime green paper over top.


After this has dried completely, use a small paint brush and a pouncing technique, to add a small amount of yellow craft paint here and there. Use your finger to blend and soften the paint.

Let this dry.

Do a half and half mixture of water and burnt umber craft paint. Apply to the entire bracelet. Let this sit for a minute or so. Gently wipe with a damp paper towel to remove the excess paint. The remaining paint will be in the creases and wrinkles. Make sure you don't wipe too hard or it will damage the tissue paper and also wipe away too much paint.


When this is dry, add 2 coats of the glue mixture over top. Dry between each coat.

Want to simplify this? Skip the painting, to make this project even quicker and easier.

If you would like your decoupage craft to have a polished, shiny look, apply 2 coats of high gloss spray sealer. Your bracelet will then look like polished jade. No one will know it is made from cardboard and tissue paper!

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