Decorated Peg Board

Organize your craft room! Make this decorated peg board using a map and decoupage. Nice enough, you may not want to poke holes in it!

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 3 out of 5



  • Pegboard (28.5x24 inches)
  • hangers or dowel
  • 1x2's
  • Ten 1 inch screws
  • Two 2.5 inch screws
  • saw
  • Drill and small bit to pre drill screw holes
  • Map
  • White glue
  • Wood glue
  • burnt umber craft paint
  • medium sized paint brush

Cut the peg board to the size you like. I had a piece left over from another project, so mine was 28.5x24 inches. It should have been a bit wider so the entire world map that I chose to use, would have shown. Keep this in mind when you choose the size, when you make yours. Make sure there is enough of the map to fold over the edges and around behind after it is framed out with the 1x2's.

Cut your 1x2's and lay flat on the back of the board, even with the edge. Do pieces all the way around, on the top, bottom and sides. Attach them with wood glue and one inch screws. Pre drill holes for the screws so the wood won't split. Let the glue dry.

The map I used for the decorated peg board was a world map out of a National Geographic magazine. It was quite thick. I wanted it to look old, so I tried to crumple it up. It turns out that wasn't such a good idea because it only wanted to rip on the folds. After crumpling, I smoothed it back down. How does that make sense? Crumple then smooth? I thought it would just add a bit of texture, but it added more trouble than texture!

After all that nonsense, I watered down about a half cup of white glue to a mixture of about 60% glue to 40% water. I was going to say 60/20 just to see if anyone would notice and ask what the other 20% should be. (My secret ingredient.. not really.)

Mark, with a pencil on to the back of the map, the outline of the peg board. Use a fairly large paint brush and apply the glue mixture to the backside of the map. Only do up to the outline. Make sure to get quite a bit of glue on it. If the map you are using is quite thick, let it soak in and then apply more to soften the map up a bit.

Flip the map over and apply it to the front of the peg board. Smooth it down carefully with your hand. Make sure it is stuck down well, all over. Let this dry.

Cut the excess pieces of the map off, at the corners. It will be square pieces that you cut off.

Turn the decorated peg board face down and apply the glue mixture to the back edges of the map and fold over the 1x2 edges. Trim off any of the extra that overlaps past the back of the 1x2. Let this dry.

Mix a drop of burnt umber paint into the remaining glue mixture. Apply a coat to the entire decorated peg board. This is to give the map an aged look. Wait until this is dry and then apply a glue mixture that is about 80% glue to 20% water.

When dry, attach to the wall by pre drilling two holes in the top 1x2. Use 2.5 inch screws to secure to the wall. Make sure they go through into the wall studs. If you plan on hanging a lot of heavy stuff on there, please secure with more screws.

Decide what you want to hang on your decorated peg board. I only put holes where I wanted my pegs and dowels to go. Doing this is also easier than poking holes on the entire board, which isn't necessary. Poke holes using a dowel or a skewer stick. I like the look of the map and didn't want to put too many holes in it, only the necessary ones.

As time goes on, I will probably put more holes in it as I decide what else to hang up there. For now, it is holding some rolls of plastic string, quite a few spools of thread, a measuring tape and glue gun. There are also some little plastic bins that came with the package of peg board hooks. Those are holding some specialty threads, little bottles of glitter and some wire.

This will really be helpful in my quest to finally get my craft room organized!!

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