Crocheted Rug

This crocheted rug, craft wreck has been 20 plus years in the making. How could this be possible? I made a large oval crocheted rug with plastic bags, many years ago. It wasn't the greatest. It had some spots that were rumpled up and it didn't lay down flat. 


I couldn't bring myself to rip it apart because it was soooo much work to make. 

So instead, I folded it up and crammed it in a closet. Yeah, that's what you do.

Much later, I did make a rag rug, which actually turned out quite well. So, I got the brilliant idea to rip the plastic bag rug apart and redo it. This turned into quite a chore. It was taking longer to rip apart, than crochet it in the first place. Pull too hard and the plastic strips ripped.

So, it went like this...pull, unravel four stitches, rip apart, tie back together, unravel four or five more stitches, rip apart again. Ugh! Occasionally, I got enough unraveled, to stop and wind the strips into a ball, before it got to be a tangled mess.


Hours upon hours later, I was finally getting a pretty big ball, but then, the real trouble started. There was one section that had a bag that felt almost paper like. It wasn't like that originally, but after years of sitting around, it went weird. I won't mention what particular store this bag came from, because It generated some health concerns. After unraveling this bag, I started getting a very yucky taste in my mouth. My hands were getting dirty and I felt a bit sick.

The rug was only halfway torn apart, but I decide to quit. I'm not usually a quitter, when I get working on a project. After suspecting an issue with this certain bag and doing some internet research, I decided my health was more important than redoing my rug.

What is the big deal?

Well, it seems, some plastic bags have paint on them that may contain lead. Ripping apart old bags probably compounded the problem. Now, all that work and I'm throwing this in the garbage. It's not worth making myself sick over.

After all that disappointment, I had to come up with something to make me laugh; so I started thinking about different kinds of rug wrecks... Not all crocheted rugs.

When a mans toupee flies off in the wind.... That's a rug wreck.

When a floor mat gets frayed in the wash, another rug wreck.

When you catch your toe in the fray and fall down.

Make a rug from plastic bags, that isn't crocheted properly and won't lie down flat on the floor. It's worse than a disobedient dog!

Decide to rip it apart, to redo it, but then discover it may have turned toxic, after over 20 years.

Okay, maybe this is not that funny.

This will have to get checked off as more practice. I've practiced a lot. I made a poncho and didn't like it, so I ripped the entire thing apart and started over. More practice.

Making a crocheted rug from plastic bags is probably relatively safe. Leaving it sit around for 20 years and THEN deciding to rip it apart, is probably not a great idea!

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