Crocheted Hat

This crocheted hat is the very popular slouchy. Fun to make, comfortable to wear. It looks cute on a male or female of any age. Grandma will even love it and she will look adorable!


Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5


  • 5 mm and 5.5 mm Crochet hooks
  • 2 balls of Charisma yarn, weight:  bulky size 5
  • Color: Dragonfly
  • Darning needle

For a lighter, less bulky, crocheted hat you can use:

  • 1 skein Red heart worsted yarn
  • weight: medium Size 4
  • Color: Macaw

Here is some important information, before you get started, about sizing this hat:

The wool you choose to use and how tight you crochet, can not only change the look of this but also the sizing.

I have a small head, but my stitches are usually fairly tight. I wasn't sure about the sizing. The adult size probably wasn't going to fit me but because I crochet so tightly, maybe that would shrink the size down small enough. This had me wondering. This wasn't something I really wanted to have to rip out after it was half finished. That is just a little TOO much practice for my liking.

I did end up using the instructions for the kids size. At first, I thought I should just wing it and see what happened but then I decided I really should check it. After crocheting a row, I then wrapped it around my head to check the fit. There should be a bit of room, not too tight. This worked perfectly and I ended up with a comfortable, well fitting slouchy that will actually get worn.

The crocheted hat made from the heavier charisma brand yarn is my brrrr, it's cold -40 degree hat.


This other one, made with the lighter Red Heart yarn is the -10 degree hat. It's good to have two choices. It is also a bit longer, about the recommended length in the video. The first one was made with wool left over from another project. When I started running out of wool, I decided it was long enough. I like it a bit shorter.

If you aren't sure what length you want, put it on your head and check it as you go. Remember, there will be a bit of extra length added when you decrease the stitches, before you gather the top.

Where I live, most winters, it will be the -40 hat that is probably going to get worn more.

This crocheted hat pattern by Meladoras Creations does have some decreasing in it but with the video, it is still fairly easy.

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