Crochet Slippers

You can be a beginner and actually crochet slippers, four ways, just by making minor adjustments to the pattern! If you are new to crocheting, you may not realize how easy it is to adapt a pattern. 

Version #1:


Version #2:

Crochet slippers with a lower cuff. This is a row of half double crochet (hdc) and then a single crochet around the top edge. 


Version #3:

So, what if you get this great idea that you are going to make fabulous footwear for everyone in the family? Sounds good, right? Who wouldn't like these for a Christmas present?

After you are on pair number 4, you realize that there is that one family member that wears shorts all year. You know the kind, the one that is NEVER cold? Now what? The solution? Use cotton yarn, for a lighter version, so they are more like socks. Hopefully, that works!


Version #4 Crochet Slippers 

Have you done a lot of searching for a free sock monkey slipper pattern and can't find one? I haven't been able to locate one I liked, that is also easy to do.

If you have a pattern that you like, it can be adapted quite easily.

I used part of the pattern from pattern paradise called snappy slippers. It's FREE and it comes in different sizes.


Here are the changes I made:

Start the pattern with Loops and Threads, Tweed Big yarn in light gray.

On the 6th row change to red. Do one row of red. I used cherry red in Bernat brand, doubled up.

Row 7 change to Loops and Threads, Wales Big in dark grey. 

Use the dark grey for the foot (the rows will depend on what size you are making)

Change to the light colored gray for the heel. Are you wondering why I'm spelling grey, both ways? The one ball of yarn says "Gray" and the other "Grey". Not sure what that is all about.

After closing up the heel you will change to dark grey for the cuff. Do one row.

Change to light gray color and do one row.

Now, I changed the pattern. I did one row of half double crochet in red.

Change to the light gray color and do one row in hdc.

It is easy to crochet slippers in the sock monkey design, except for the minor annoyance of having lots of tails to sew in, because of the color changes.

You can crochet slippers with a slightly different cuff, without a lot of difficulty. The pattern is easy to adapt. Instead of doing the two rows of fpdc/ bphdc, change to half double crochet or even a single crochet. 

This pattern is pretty simple, even for us newbies. It will be a breeze, if you use stitch markers and count your stitches carefully. If your mind tends to wander, it's also helpful to use a paper and pen to mark down each completed row, so you don't get lost. 

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