Crochet Mittens


Crochet Mittens into cute little monkeys and put a smile on a cancer survivors face.

It can be difficult, dealing with winter. It's even worse for someone with cancer, especially, enduring chemo.  There are lots of chemo hat patterns to make, for someone dealing with hair loss. Did you know that someone going through chemo, can also suffer from poor circulation in their extremities? You can help make winter warmer and a little more bearable, by giving them sock monkey mittens and a hat!

These were made for a strong and courageous cousin, that has been battling cancer for years. Pink is the color of choice here, since it represents breast cancer. Change the pink to another color to represent the type of cancer the person has. 

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Medium (Easy for experienced crochet people)

Time scale: 3 out of 5


  • Off white yarn
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Stick pins
  • Darning needle
  • Sewing needle
  • Two small brown buttons
  • Brown thread
  • Scissors
  • 5.5 mm crochet hook 

Crochet Mittens

These crocheted sock monkey mittens were made to match the crocheted hat


Everyone has probably had a friend or relative, that has dealt with cancer. Some have survived, others have not. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for who lives and who doesn't. It's an incredible triumph for those that survive; enormous heartbreak for the family of those who don't.

These were my very first attempt to crochet mittens. It's proof, even beginners can make them. The pattern used, was changed a bit. The thumb didn't sit in quite the right spot and seemed a bit tight, for the adult size. Add a couple more stitches with two increase stitches, (one per row) to the width of the hand, partway up.

Changing where the thumb came to, is just a matter of adding a couple more rows to the hand, before starting the thumb. Make the thumb a bit bigger by adding a couple extra stitches at the beginning.

Experimenting a bit is not difficult and won't require a lot of time to redo, if it isn't quite right. Have someone handy, with the right sized hands, to try the crocheted mitten on, as you go. Do a few rows, check it and then continue on.

These are loosely based on the mitten pattern from Ravelry by Jennifer Ozses called "Be The Change." 

Crochet mittens from the fingers, up to the cuff. Start with the off white. Do approximately 5 rows of white and then switch to the pink yarn.

Do 2 rows of pink.

Switch to grey. Use the grey for the hand and thumb.

Just before the start of the cuff, add 2 rows of pink.

Finish off by changing to the off white yarn, for the cuff. 

Crochet an oval mouth using off white yarn.

Add single slip stitch in pink, across the middle for the lips.

Sew on brown button eyes, using brown thread.

Crochet small ears with gray yarn.

Sew on ears.

Here's a helpful hint, for getting the mouth and ears positioned correctly....

After a bit of trial and error, I realized it was better to have the mitten on, so the face parts could be put on, in the right place. (ON someone else, not myself!) Centering the pieces on the flattened mitten, does NOT work because the mitten actually sits different, once on the hand.

The willing hand model of course has to be either courageous or very trusting, to actually let you pin the mouth and ears in place, while they are wearing the mittens. Just promise not to poke them! (Good luck with that). No, I will not be held responsible for any injuries you or the hand model, may sustain during this endeavour.

There is a good chance, you probably know either a breast cancer survivor or someone battling this disease. Crochet mittens and give to someone really needing them. It just takes a little time and it will add some warmth to their winter!

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