Craft Wrecks

Have you ever done any projects, that have turned into craft wrecks? Something that didn't turn out quite the way you planned? No matter how talented someone is, at some time or another, they have probably had a few.

Maybe it was a small mistake, that you were able to fix, with a little persistence. It could have been something that turned out just plain ugly, or that impossible craft project, that is so frustrating it gets thrown in the corner.

What about, just the process of making something? When it comes to me doing craft projects with expanding spray foam, LOOK OUT.
I end up with it all over my hands, in my hair and oozing everywhere.

Needle felting, is a fun craft. It is quite relaxing, until you poke yourself with the needle, that is. It is VERY sharp. I did a class, a while back and took with me, what I thought, were plenty of bandaids. I knew that there would be a few pokes, before the class was over. I should have brought a whole box of bandaids! Everyone of the bandaids I brought, had to be handed out. That poking, happens so easily, when everyone is visiting.

I do better, with projects that don't require a lot of patience. Not being patient, can cause a lot of craft wrecks. Trying to paint over paint that isn't dry; adding layers to paper mache before it is dry, and expecting glue to dry instantly. There is a real theme here. I just can't seem to let things dry!

Then, there is the Ms. fix it in me. Oh, it isn't good enough, I will just fix it. Yeah, uhuh, right. Fix it. Sometimes it is better to leave well enough alone. Striving for perfection, is not always a good thing!

I also have an issue with the use of glasses. I have created what I thought were some wonderful masterpieces, until I put glasses on! Imagine my surprise, when my creations end up with imperfections, I didn't see! It is almost like someone has played a trick on me or something. That isn't what I thought that looked like!!

So, I guess the lesson here would be, if you need glasses, especially to see close up, make sure you put them on! No amount of concentration, will make you see better, no matter how hard you try. I have heard that when you can't see something clearly, your brain will fill in the blanks. Oh, how true that is. It seems like my brain may think I am more talented than I really am!

My biggest Craft Wreck of all is the craft room. I am currently redoing it so I can actually work in there. This has slowed down my progress lately on adding projects to the website. In the long run, I hope it will help me to be more productive.

The craft room was too big of disaster to even put a picture. (Too embarrassing!) You will have to use your imagination. I will try to post a picture when it is completed. The only problem is, without a before picture, I guess the after picture won't seem as impressive.

Organize your craft room with instructions for this decorated peg board. Make it with a map and decoupage.

This is going to help me conquer my craft room disaster!!


There is the snowman craft that I made with paper mache. It looked like it turned out quite well. This wasn't going to be one of those craft wrecks, or so I thought! It was fine until it fell off the shelf, on to the floor. It cracked open, easier than the pinatas I make. Oh, and his hat fell off on impact. My mistake, was being in too big of hurry and not doing enough paper mache layers.


He is also now missing an eye and some buttons. Glue, sticks better to unpainted surfaces. I should have left spots unpainted, where the eyes and buttons were to go.

One of these days, I will fix this. It will be a simple fix, but a hassle, because it will also have to be repainted.

My pinatas, on the other hand, are nearly bullet proof. For some reason, I always seem to make them too tough. Lots of them have required a good beating, with a bat, to break them open. Unforunately, that isn't too good for the contents inside!

Not long ago, I decided to make a paper mache dragonfly. It didn't turn out. The wings are too short and the body is too fat. I don't know what to do with the poor thing. It is so ugly, even a paint job isn't going to help. I had to make a new one.

I am just learning how to do millefiori. I have worked with polymer clay quite a bit, but mostly doing sculpting.

Another one of my craft wrecks to add to the list, is a polymer clay butterfly.

My butterfly was made using SculpeyIII®. There were other projects that were made from Premo Sculpey®. I put them in the oven together and then had to try to remove the butterfly before the other things were finished baking. In the process, with my fumbling around, I burned my fingers and broke the wings on the butterfly.

Lesson #1: Don't use different types of clay and put the projects into the oven, all at the same time. Some clay requires a shorter baking time.

The wings were made using a millefiori technique. I put my cane together and sliced it. When slicing it, I squished it out of shape a bit.

Lesson #2: Make sure your clay slicer is very sharp, and make fairly thin slices.

When trying to reshape the wings, I smudged some of the color. I was using blue, black and white. The black can really dirty up the white. The clay was quite soft, so the colors mixed together quite easily.

Lesson#3: Don't overwork or over stretch the clay. Using a firmer clay to do millefiori, would work better. The different colors won't mix together as easily, if the clay isn't as soft.

I have decided there may be more craft wrecks in the future, trying to improve my millefiori skills. Practice makes perfect, right?

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." It's a great idea in theory but have you ever you had one of those days where nothing goes right, no matter how much you try again? UGH!

That Christmas decoration made from an egg, just got thrown on the floor and it cracked! I'm such a klutz sometimes! Here is a Christmas ornament I didn't throw on the floor.

The Christmas stocking is all the wrong shape, no matter how many times I try to fix it. I WILL get it right, but apparently not today. It has just been a collection of craft wrecks! That is enough trying for me. I surrender. I'm taking a break!

More Craft Wrecks

It seems, I am on another craft wreck roll. It would be nice to get more pages on my website done, but things just don't seem to be working out.

Crafts attempted: 3

Projects completed: 0

Craft Wrecks: 3

Time wasted: About 5 days. Yes, I said days, not hours. That is not a typo.

There is a burlap project that I was planning on making. I have a whole roll of landscape burlap. It is the kind that you use to wrap up trees in the winter. It smells like a sack of potatoes, so of course it needed to be washed. That nice smelly stuff called Downy Unstopables™ would get rid of that yucky burlap smell, right? Who wants to pay $50.00 a roll at the craft store for burlap? It smells too.


Well, my two foot square of burlap has frayed and tangled itself into a one foot ball of disaster. It looks like it should be used for hair on a scarecrow or something. (Oh, I knew if I thought about it long enough, I would come up with something I could use that mess for:)

The washing machine was full of fuzz, the dryer was full of fuzz, the floor was full of fuzz. What a mess!

Yes, I should have done a zigzag stitch on each cut edge and that would have helped, but I don't think it would have helped enough. The landscape burlap doesn't have a very tight weave, which probably contributes to the fraying problem.

So, then there is project #2 which is going to be a glass suncatcher. I did one before in a class, so I wanted to do something similar.  First, I was dealing with a soldering gun that was not getting hot enough. Okay, so I went and got an 80 watt soldering iron. Problem solved. NOT. Now my solder was seeming to evaporate in a big poof of smoke. UGH!! WHAT NOW? Oops, sorry... am I screaming? My hair has been getting thin lately and I think I have discovered why. I'm pulling it out in frustration!


Now, I have the wrong kind of solder. When I did manage to get some solder on there, it just turned into a disgusting mess. YUCK! The moral of the story is, always use the proper supplies. That is probably the moral of the burlap story too. Sometimes being a cheapskate just doesn't pay or lend itself to completed craft projects.


Project #3: Twig headboard. I had a chokecherry tree blow down in our yard and really wanted to use it to make something. The problem is, that was in 2012. Most of the wood is now cracked. It is not in good shape. This really means I have too many projects planned but I am not getting to them in a timely manner.

These are all challenges that I plan on overcoming, one way or another. I'm not ready to throw in the hammer, saw, soldering iron, sewing machine or glue gun, just yet!

No, these are not extra large, delicious cookies. If they were cookies, they would taste disgusting. What in the world are they? This is another one of those craft wrecks. A polymer clay project gone wrong! There is a reason for the advice "use an oven thermometer in your toaster oven, when baking polymer clay."


These were actually going to be texture molds made from dried cactus. I used white premo sculpey. Yes, they started out white. The toaster oven went crazy and got way too hot and burned these. Now, they not only look like crap, they stink. (Maybe not like crap, but they smell pretty bad).

Burning sculpey produces dangerous fumes. I have left them outside to air, for days. Okay, maybe it has been a month. I'm not sure if my molds, will actually be useable or not. Lesson learned.

I thought I knew how to make a terrarium but apparently not. It took two tries. I think, I have it figured out now... MAYBE. The first one was a bit of a disaster. Sorry, no picture of the jar full of mold. What should you do with a jar full of mold? Throw it out or dare to open it and try again?

You know those lovely Rustic Log slice projects that you see on Pinterest? There are cake stands, cutting boards, tables, ornaments etc. etc. They are all so lovely and so easy to create. HA!

We found a good sized fallen birch tree on our hunt for firewood the other day. I wanted to rescue a few pieces to make some of these craft projects.

This morning I heard the chainsaw and went out to have a look at what was happening. My husband had decided to cut a few slabs for me.

Unfortunately, this is what I got...


The jar sitting on top is to demonstrate what a nice flat slice this is. NOT!It's only a bit crooked. Just a bit of sanding should fix that right up.

Oh, and I am sure that crack can be glued, no problem. That was my fault, it happened when I threw this wonderful wood slice on the ground.


On second thought, no amount of sanding is going to fix this, so the firewood pile is where it went.


What could have been the problem? Actually, I shouldn't pick on my husband, too much. He is usually pretty good with a chainsaw. My first thought was the chain. If it isn't sharpened properly, it can make crooked cuts, no matter how hard you try to keep it straight. He sharpened the chain and tried again. Nope, still crooked. The issue was the bar. It was bent. I won't mention how THAT happened!

It took all day, running around from store to store, trying to locate the proper bar to fit the saw. Eventually, I did get some nice wood slices, a whole day gone and $60.00 later. 

Polymer clay can be great for making repairs.... SOMETIMES.

I thought I did everything right, when it came to repairing this rock soap dish, using polymer clay.  The pattern and the colors matched up really well... Until I baked it, that is. The clay remained the correct color but the rock turned white! What a disappointment. My rock soap dish from Jamaica is ruined. UGH!!! It's not like I can just run over to Walmart and buy a new one.

Anyone know how I can fix this Craft Wreck?

OOPS! Maybe you shouldn't cry over spilt milk, but what about a $30.00, 32 ounce container of metallic paint? BOO, HOO!

I tried to wipe it up before anyone saw the mess, but I didn't get it done in time. It was everywhere.


The Craft Wreck Crocheted Rug that was 20 years in the UN-making. What? Read the sad tale of the unraveled rug..


So, you've had a craft wreck and you are annoyed. Even if someone is bugging you, maybe you need a break. Maybe, you just want to watch T.V. for a while. You don't want to fix it, you don't wanna think about it, you don't wanna do it.

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